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Your network is the conduit through which all information travels. If your network isn’t healthy or protected from outside attacks, it could bring your business to a crawl. i.t.NOW™ provides critical networking solutions to keep your business moving full speed ahead.

Our comprehensive Utah network solutions include:

  • Firewall Monitoring – Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to company networks. However, if you are not monitoring your firewall, you won’t know when or how often unauthorized attempts to access your network have occurred. Hackers are always finding new ways to breach firewalls. That’s why constant monitoring is critical. i.t.NOW provides real-time monitoring of your firewall, and immediate follow-up if a security breech occurs.
  • Network Infrastructure – Having the right hardware in place and properly configured to act as the backbone of your technology infrastructure is crucial. i.t.NOW has the experience and a team of expert network technicians you need to make sure that your routers, switches and firewalls are working at maximum capacity and efficiency.
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