How Virtualization Can Help Small Businesses

Virtualization is common for large companies, but some have wondered if small businesses draw in the same benefits. You don’t have to store data by the terabyte to profit from virtualization. Virtualization is creating multiple computers with one piece of hardware. Special software creates these computers in a virtual space, so they don’t take up […]

Surefire Signs Your Office Needs a Network Upgrade

Most businesses rely heavily, if not exclusively, on their office computer network to handle and perform all day-to-day business operations. When something goes wrong, the entire company can come to a grinding halt. To avoid this doomsday scenario, it’s best to recognize the signs that you need to upgrade your network before you NEED to […]

Firewall Monitoring, Why do I Need It?

Hackers and criminals are out there every day working hard to crack into your network and database.  The best way to protect yourself from these vicious attacks is to have a secure firewall that is effectively monitored. Simply put, a firewall is a piece of hardware or software that sits between a computer and the […]

Tips for Boosting Your Personal Computer Skills

In these times of modern technology, having computer skills isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. With increased skill and comfort levels, you may have more opportunities in front of you. Here are a few suggestions on how to become just a bit more computer savvy. Read technical books. One of the best ways to improve […]

Helping Grandparents Stay in Touch Using Technology

Keeping in contact with friends and family is important to us as people.  If that weren’t true, we wouldn’t have devised so many ways to do it.  We’ve moved beyond the letters our parents and grandparents used to write and the occasional phone call too keep in touch.  Sharing news this way could take several […]

Looking for a Job? How Tech Savvy Should You Be?

Chances are very high that wherever you work you will need to perform basic computer tasks. Entry level jobs that require computer knowledge include receptionist, data entry, clerk, human resources and customer service.7 So you may not be a computer whiz, but you know how to do “some stuff.” How much is enough to get […]