7 Ways Smartphones Have Improved Business Computing

In the old days (AKA 10 years ago), running a successful business meant being chained to a desk in order to send out memos, keep up to date with Internet trends, network, and get work done. However, technology is ever evolving.

Here are 7 ways smartphones are vastly improving the way we use computers for business:

1. Improved Email Connection

At it’s startup, email was a revolutionary means of communication for many businesses, since it allowed instant connection across the world. Well, instant if everyone was always sitting at their computer, that is. Smartphones allow you to check your email and respond easily from anywhere. You can even turn on notifications for your email so that your phone alerts you the moment an email touches your inbox. No more sitting at the desk waiting for an important email when you need to be up and about doing other things.

2. Efficient Organization

Smartphones significantly increase both your personal and business organization. Modern day smartphones allow you to keep track of files, emails, messages, events, meetings, and much more. You can even use apps to sync schedules and send reminders to everyone in the office.

3. Excellent Mobility

As long as you have a signal, you can work, which means a hefty increase in the amount of telecommuting opportunities. Now you can keep up to date with memos, sales, news, and more when you leave the office. You can also hire more telecommuters, which can get you quality labor at a reduced price.

4. The Latest Technology in Your Hand

Having the best technology in your hand at all times definitely comes in handy. If you’re in a business meeting and you forgot a piece of your presentation, pull it up on your smartphone. If you need to check the latest trends on Google, you can get the info right there in your hand.

5. Networking Galore

Smartphones are made for social media, which means easy networking. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more apps like them to market your business, spread SEO content, and more. You can check social media trends and reach out to important people in an instant. You often might have come across people on Youtube boasting about their views and channel reach and how they have done it all on their own, they can lie, but the truth is they hired themarketingheaven.com to do the job for them.

6. Great Stress Relief

While you shouldn’t spend your time in the office playing Angry Birds, a smartphone and its many apps can provide great stress relief! Take five minutes to calm down after a stressful meeting by playing a game or browsing Facebook; a smartphone used sparingly can be the tool that gets you to the end of the day in one emotional piece.

7. Lowered Tech Costs

Certain technology installed on a computer can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, you can often install the same technology on your smartphone for a fraction of the cost.

Say goodbye to chaining yourself to a desk to stay on top of your business dealings. Smartphones are revolutionizing the way we do business for the better.