Cyber Security in the Information Age

Fifty years ago, security compliance was associated with having a picture badge, stopping at physical checkpoints, and remembering to lock file cabinets when leaving a room. In the age of information, security compliance protocols are increasingly about IT securities. Many companies still use physical securities like photos and physical checkpoints, but in a way these have become measures taken specifically to augment IT security. While leaving carbon copy documents exposed is certainly still a security concern, it is nowhere near as much of a concern as is a stolen password. The simple reason is that a single password has the potential to give thieves access to far more information that can be stored in carbon copy, and it gives thieves computing power to boot.

This is not to imply that physical securities are becoming obsolete, for they can be the first steps in preventing potential threats from obtaining sensitive information like passwords. Many data and information security compliance standards do in fact incorporate physical security protocols. However, as time progresses, these protocols are increasingly focused on preventing access to sensitive IT access points as opposed to protecting physical assets.

In the information age, every industry has a number of security compliance standards that they should be adhering to, or at least be aware of. In other words, many security standards are legal requirements, whereas others may not be legally required but are still observed by those leading in the industry just because they are necessary for optimal performance. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up on all the different standards that are required for a particular industry, and it can be even more difficult to keep track of the standards which aren’t required but strongly recommended.

Every company needs to have IT management that is not only aware of existing security standards, but also knows how to stay up-to-date with developing standards. These IT managers also need to be able to implement both physical and data securities, as both standards are important for overall security. Lastly, IT professionals need to be able to explain these security standards in terms that everyone working for a company can understand.

Here at IT Now, we are familiar with a myriad of different IT security protocols for a variety of industries. We keep our own business in compliance with several standards, for both our sake and for the convenience of our customers. Our experienced IT professionals are able to quickly familiarize themselves with nearly any data standard and will work to make sure your business understands what is required to remain in compliance. If necessary, we can also obtain any certifications that are required in order for us to work with your company in full compliance. If you have any questions or comments regarding security compliance in your industry, don’t hesitate to contact us at IT Now. Let us manage your IT needs, so you can focus in on what you do best.