Get the Backup Solution That Your Business Needs and Stop Worrying About Downtime

backup solution

Why a Backup Solution Is Critical

Your systems are absolutely critical to your company’s success. Your employees depend on your systems being up and running to complete projects and communicate smoothly. Your customers count on your systems running properly so they can communicate with you through your website and other channels. When your systems crash for any reason, every second counts. Every moment down, is a moment where you are inefficient and your employees can’t effectively collaborate.

When your customers can’t view your website, they are likely to just go with one of your competitors. Downtime adversely affects any business, but it can absolutely cripple a small business. Losing customer trust can be a difficult factor to overcome. So why put yourself in that position at all?

Get a backup solution with i.t.NOW and make sure that your company’s systems are protected. Easily backup your systems and recover everything you need in the event of a crash. Every moment matters, and i.t.NOW will get your business’s systems back up in moments, not days or weeks.


Keeping Your Systems Safe With i.t.NOW

Keep your systems safe and get the peace of mind that you need to focus on growing your business. i.t.NOW offers several backup and recovery solutions that can help any business stay protected in the event of a natural disaster. Get high speed recovery, and get your systems back online in less than 15 minutes. i.t.NOW’s data loss avoidance and verified protection means that you can recover your data from an offsite backup and ensure its protection and functionally.

One of the best features offered by i.t.NOW is complete visibility, which allows your business to proactively monitor your systems and get alerts to potential issues before they can cause damage to your network, hardware, or critical files.


Customizing Your Backup Solution

Take full control of your backup solution and customize it based on your company’s specific needs. i.t.NOW offers several device storage capacity options along with customizable monthly service options such as on premise backups and cloud retention. Customize your backup to your company’s technical needs and get the options that best fit your long term goals. i.t.NOW can work directly with you to help you find the best backup and recovery solutions for your business.