How Virtualization Can Help Small Businesses

Virtualization is common for large companies, but some have wondered if small businesses draw in the same benefits. You don’t have to store data by the terabyte to profit from virtualization.

Virtualization is creating multiple computers with one piece of hardware. Special software creates these computers in a virtual space, so they don’t take up any physical space. This allows a business to split up resources among fewer machines.Do More with Less

Small businesses have fewer servers, which comes as no surprise considering the high 5-digit price tag for each one. Virtualization maximizes storage space to give you almost an unlimited amount, so you can make the most of the servers you already have on site without buying more. This also cuts back on the energy needed to run those extra servers, which translates into a lower monthly power bill. Fewer servers require fewer people to maintain, so you’ll save money there as well. You could check out this blog on choosing a small business server and gain a much profound understanding from there.

Save Time

Whenever you need a new server or computer, it only takes a matter of hours or days instead of weeks. Rather than going out, getting a quote, and installing a new server, just spin up a new virtual machine with the software you already have.

Lower Maintenance

Maintenance is definitely much easier with virtualization software. Let’s say one server needs some fixing up. Rather than closing all programs and suffering from limited capabilities during repairs, just move the virtual machines to another host. In the meantime, employees can keep working without any interruptions.

Disaster Recovery

If you experience a power outage or server failure, the virtual machine will keep running while the physical host is moved from one location to another. For the same reason, you get better data backup and protection.


You might be wondering if virtualization is really for you. Most businesses will only benefit if the company is big enough to take advantage of all the perks, but it’s different for each business. On another note, if you’re about to replace your servers anyway, you may as well purchase fewer of them and install virtualization software instead. Try talking to other small businesses that use virtualization. See what they like. The professionals at I.T. Now can also help you decide if virtualization is right for your company. We know all about the technology needs of small businesses and we can recommend what you need to run your business efficiently.