Prepare for Emergencies With Data Backup

Cloud file lockWhen implementing an emergency preparedness plan for your business, data backup is a key component. Even an over-zealous thunderstorm could compromise your company’s information systems, costing you time and money as you try to get things back online. Setting up secure, offsite data storage will give you the resources you need to weather any storm and will give you peace of mind in the meantime.

Quick Recovery

Time is money and you can save a lot of it by having your data backed up off-site. This will allow you to access your company’s data from anywhere that you have an internet connection, so you can be back in business before your office is even up and running in case of an emergency. Data can be backed up real-time, so you won’t miss a beat when trouble comes along. You and your customers can be reassured that even in the worst of times, you’ll be able to meet their needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Money Saving Backup

Being able to access data in times of emergency can be a business-saving asset. The money you could lose by being offline will be money gained as you continue to operate your business. In addition to the cost of lost business, restoring data or, worse, recollecting it could also cost you time and money that could be saved through off-site backup. Offsite data backup that is accessed through the cloud saves you money on the additional costs of hardware purchase and maintenance as well.

Security and Protection

Some business owners worry that off-site data backup could compromise the security of their information. The truth is that off-site data backup through I.T. Now actually adds a level of security to your data backup through sophisticated encryption. Your information will not be accessible at the NAS, or at the storage facility without a passcode known only by you. This passcode also allows you to access your data remotely in case of disaster.

The biggest benefit of off-site data backup is that all of the monitoring and maintenance of your backup systems will be taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry how things will go in case of an emergency. Regular maintenance and testing of these systems ensures that they’re in top functioning order. In case of an emergency, all you have to do is find an internet connection, provide your passcode, and you can get back on track with as little time and money expenditure on your part as possible.