Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to several questions that we are commonly asked regarding career opportunities at i.t.NOW:

I have applied for positions with several companies. What sets i.t.NOW apart from other employers?

We are committed to a higher purpose; our loyalty to our clients and each other is unsurpassed. Our stewardship is the solemn responsibility of overseeing and protecting our i.t.NOW work family, our amazing clients, and delivering a stellar experience for both. i.t.NOW prides itself in the level of integrity displayed by its owners and each individual employee. Our reputation in the industry is indisputable. Working for a company with that kind of strength and tradition is an honor. Each new hire is greeted with sincere congratulations as they join our family. We work very hard to maintain a culture of honesty and stellar customer service. Those efforts naturally spill over into how our employees are treated; with respect, and gratitude. They are our most precious asset and we have every intention of cultivating and maintaining this amazing work environment.

What type of employee is i.t.NOW looking for?

As a respected and proven leader in the I.T. service industry, we are experiencing phenomenal growth and are in need of dynamic employees to help us meet our company and client goals. We believe there is a huge difference between a job and a career.  If you are professional, creative, excited about learning new things, a great team player, and are looking for a place to hang your hat, kick up your feet, and stay for a while, then you are what i.t.NOW. Inc. is looking for!

One of my goals is to expand my technical abilities and knowledge base. Does i.t.NOW provide training and development opportunities?

Absolutely! We thrive on innovation, have a passion for technology, and strive to promote creative, open-minded thinking. We believe that each individual has the capacity to become a leader. We take the initiative to develop intelligence in the workplace, and promote development, training and coaching within our teams. As an employee of i.t.NOW, you will enjoy many internal training opportunities. Your position-specific training will begin on day 1 and will continue throughout your career tenure with i.t.NOW. All employees are invited to attend bi-weekly Lunch and Learn trainings that are taught by our on-site subject matter experts. On alternate bi-weekly rotations, job/role-specific training is also conducted. If you love to learn, be challenged, and expand your knowledge base, you have definitely hit the jackpot!

What pay range can I expect to receive?

It depends. All positions are assigned a specific pay rate that is determined by a combination of your overall skills assessment scores, your level of relevant experience and expertise, your capacity to grasp concepts and techniques unique to the position, and your level of desire to be the best you can be.

Does i.t.NOW care about my desire for a healthy work/life integration?

Definitely! We encourage employees to balance work and personal needs by offering PTO benefits and flexible work schedules. We try to accommodate any requests for a specific work shift due to family responsibilities as well. Although getting our work done and catering to the needs of our clients is a high priority, we also recognize that a little down time is necessary to the morale and healthy engagement activity level of our employees. We have partnered with a large fitness gym franchise that offers a generous membership discount. In addition, fresh fruit is available on a daily basis as we continue our efforts to promote employee wellness and a healthy life/work balance.

How would you describe the culture and every day work environment at i.t.NOW?

In a word; unified. Many of our employees have been working together for years, and others have recently joined our amazing work family. We employ professional, enthusiastic, creative, intelligent people that share common goals and interests. Our work environment is relaxed most of the time, but we also enjoy the occasional four-alarm fire! Our decisions regarding technology equipment and tools are very intentional. Our efforts to provide the latest and greatest programs and tools for our employees helps us stay on the cutting edge and gives our employees the confidence they need in order to deliver stellar customer service. When push comes to shove, we are a team of experts that put our heads together and get the job done. At the end of the day, we feel accomplished and ready to suit up again!

Does i.t.NOW promote from within?

Usually. This is our first choice and we make every effort to promote from within. All employees are given a clearly defined career path that explains the specific experience and education required for any desired position level. When a position becomes available, all qualified employees are encouraged to apply for the position.

Will I have to work weekends?

Maybe. Our official office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm. Our office is closed on weekends and several holidays. However, our amazing clients deserve and receive emergency assistance 24/7, 365. Therefore, depending on your position, you may be asked to participate in an on-call, 2-week rotation that would require you to be available to our clients outside of our normal business hours. Technicians participating in this rotation can expect to be on-call approximately twice per calendar year.

Does i.t.NOW offer a bonus program?

Yes. Many positions qualify for participation in our generous performance-based bonus or commission program. Bonuses and commissions are paid out on a monthly basis.

Does i.t.NOW offer training, certification and/or tuition reimbursement?

Yes! I.t.NOW understands the immense value of investing in the education of our amazing employees. We offer paid online certification opportunities, external training fee reimbursement, and college course tuition reimbursement. Although the details of these benefits will vary depending on your position and chosen career path, i.t.NOW is committed to your success and is determined to support you in your personal career goals.

Recruitment/Selection Process

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for providing qualified candidates to our organization for hiring consideration. This involves recruiting applicants, developing examinations, administering and scoring examinations, and referring eligible candidates to our Hiring Managers.

Applicant Review Process

All applications are reviewed to the position’s required and/or preferred qualifications. Applicants who do not qualify are notified via email. Applicants who do qualify may proceed to the next phase of the assessment process which may include: a written examination and a computer or performance-based examination. Applicants who earn examination scores that are appropriate to the position for which they are applying may be invited to participate in a Peer Interview and Final Assessment Interview with one or more Hiring Managers. Applicants will then be notified of their results via email and/or phone.