Continuous IT Internship Program

i.t.NOW is Utah’s premier IT services and computer support provider for small to medium-sized businesses. The primary objective of our 8-week internship program is to bring highly talented people into the organization. Our internship program is truly an “early identification” program, focusing on identifying and investing in high potential students early to encourage them to bring their talent back to i.t.NOW after graduation.

Continuous Internship Program

We are looking for students who possess strong strategic thinking, verbal and written skills. In addition, successful candidates must demonstrate leadership, initiative, and accountability

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“Participating in i.t.NOW’s summer IT internship program has been a rewarding experience. It has provided me the opportunity to learn from experienced and dedicated Information Technology (IT) professionals. I have learned much and gained invaluable experience due to the hands-on approach required by the nature of i.t.NOW’s work.

I thank i.t.NOW for providing me with this exceptional opportunity to receive such training as part of their summer internship program…”

G. E., Summer Intern 2015

“This is great news! Our most successful students have real-world projects like what you are proposing.  Thank you for considering us.  We hope to build a good working relationship with i.t.NOW.”

LDS Business College

“Your program is thorough and I think it is a very valuable experience for our students. It is very rare to find someone as thorough as you which helps us a lot when we recommend students to employers. I do like how I.T. Now is up front with what they are looking for in a student and stick to it when they are hiring an intern. Thanks for all you do for UVU and our students!

Utah Valley University