Why Spotify Is Moving To Cloud Computing

Why Spotify Is Moving To Cloud Computing

Spotify is one of the largest music content providers in the world, has finally adopted cloud computing to continue to offer its users the best music streaming service available. Until recently, Spotify used the traditional data-center space method, which was once recognized as being both affordable and efficient. This method let Spotify deliver quality music streaming to users around the world. As the business continued to grow, its scaling requirements meant taking a second look at its data-center space. Although cloud computing is still uncharted territory for many businesses, Spotify decided to take a leap of faith in an attempt to scale back on unnecessary expenses while increasing efficiency.

Cloud Computing Allows Spotify To Keep Pace With Growth

To understand Spotify’s migration to the cloud, it helps to think of traditional data-center space as a shoe box with set dimensions. Once the shoe box is filled, nothing else can go in it. The cloud is more like a rubber band that expands and contracts as your business’ needs change. Like Spotify, your business can get instant access to more storage space as it grows and then scale back when that extra space is no longer needed. With 30 million songs, 2 billion playlists, and 75 million users and counting, it is easy to see why Spotify felt the need for a more flexible storage system.

The Cloud Is Cheaper

When Spotify was managing its own data center, the business had to pay for server hardware, networking gear, and data-center leasing space. In addition to these material costs, Spotify also had to pay for personnel to manage storage and maintain the technology. With the cloud, you can immediately reduce your in-house maintenance costs. Cyber security training courses will provide the organization with customizable digital learning solutions.

The Cloud Gives Efficiency

By transferring data using Google’s Direct Peering, Cloud VPN, and Cloud Router, users get a fast and secure music service. Spotify’s move to the cloud also means that streaming services are will continue to be fast and with great quality for users. When your business switches to the cloud, you gain the benefit of cloud support as well as functionality. This can drastically reduce your in-house support costs.

And these are just the beginning of the benefits Spotify’s move towards the cloud is expected to have. The Spotify Labs blog documents Spotify’s migration to the cloud and how it will allow them to develop new applications and provide more utility.

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Cloud computing

Cloud Computing Benefits

There’s a reason so many businesses are taking advantage of what the cloud offers. Cloud computing allows your employees to work on the go, boosting productivity and collaboration, while simultaneously reducing costs. Purchasing, installing, and maintaining your own servers and IT infrastructure can be very costly, and if you ever have to face a disaster, such as a flood or a power surge during a storm, your systems could be damaged and productivity could slow to a crawl. In order to avoid many of the pitfalls and expenses of maintaining a complex IT infrastructure, more businesses are opting to go for the cloud instead. Here’s why:

Working On The Go Is The Future

By now, you’ve probably noticed that your employees are using smartphones and tablets when they work. The smartphone revolution has made working on the go a breeze, but if your business doesn’t have the necessary cloud infrastructure, you will be leaving productivity on the table. Today’s employees are traveling more than ever in order to meet clients, suppliers, and business partners. The cloud allows them to work as they travel, instantly keeping up with new changes to company projects and never missing details from that critical meeting.

Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

As previously stated, it costs a lot of money to install and maintain servers and other IT infrastructure on-site. But it can be even more expensive to upgrade that technology when the time comes. To make matters worse, you can’t be quite sure if you bought enough hardware to meeting your company’s capacity, especially as your business grows over time. The cloud takes care of all of those issues. You can easily scale your cloud usage up as your business grows, and you only pay for what you use. You can avoid costly installation and repair costs for hardware that will likely soon become outdated anyway too.

i.t.NOW’s Cloud Computing Services

At i.t.NOW, we provide several cloud based services for our clients. We understand what our clients are trying to get out of the cloud, and that’s why we offer several cloud computing packages, all of which include business applications such as QuickBooks. Office licensing is also included, so you can easily complete and share projects through the cloud computing. Getting acclimated to the cloud is easy, and we offer unlimited remote support for any issues that you may have. Start getting more done in less time with i.t.NOW’s cloud based solutions!

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

Cloud storage can benefit your businessSecurely storing and backing up files has never been more important in today’s business environment. Problems with files being lost or stolen can present problems that can bring several large negative effects on a company with customers, the bottom line, and even employees.

Although most networks and computers have CDs and external drives to provide storage space to backup files, these storage methods can break down and it’s possible that your company could lose everything all at once. Read more

Cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing?

By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the phrase the cloud, but that exactly is the cloud? Simply put, the cloud is another name for the internet. Often times, cloud symbols are used to represent the internet on diagrams. The internet is a virtual space where users from across the globe connect and share information. Most of us are familiar with ways to store, share, and backup information through cloud storage sites. Cloud computing is a natural extension of this type of cloud storage, but it’s an area that is still unfamiliar to some. What is cloud computing? How can it help my business? Do I need to worry about my privacy and security? Read more

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive

Google Drive is the virtual operating system that is run by Google. While Google Drive is yet another option in the increasing number of cloud storage servers, it is distinguishing itself due to many of its unique traits. In this article, we’ll take a look at the basic functions and capabilities of Google Drive.

At its most basic function, Google Drive is a cloud storage device where you can hold over 30 different types of files, including documents, photos, music, video (including HD), and files from programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Due to the cloud nature of the device, once a file has been stored on Google Drive, you have the capability of accessing that file from any of your devices, including computers and mobile devices. Google does not limit what type of devices that you can use to access your information. This means that you can switch between PCs and Macs without any problems once you have downloaded the Google Drive software.

Once you have your information stored on Google Drive, you can make changes to those files. The changes that you make are saved on the Drive and are then accessible on all of your devices. Google Drive has the added feature that you can review any revisions that you have made over the previous 30 days, which allows you to see what changes have been made or revert to an earlier revision.

Google Drive also allows you to share your stored information with other people. The different privacy settings allow you to determine who has access and what type of access they have. This means that you can share particular files with only the people of your choosing, then you can decide whether they have permission simply to view the files or whether they can make changes to them.

Google Drive is free for the first 5GB of storage. After that, different levels of storage can be purchased for various prices. As is to be expected, the more storage you need, the higher your monthly subscription fee. However, when you purchase a subscription, Google will also expand the storage capabilities of your Gmail account.

The capabilities and added features that are available with Google Drive is quickly making it one of the most popular cloud storage options available.

Case Study: IndustryPro

In 2008 IndustryPro, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, was looking for ways to streamline its business and cut overall operating costs. When the economy was hitting so many business, CEO Fred Zirkle was looking at ways he could trim back.  He decided that if he could get everyone to work from home, he could move out of their expensive professional space and significantly reduce overhead – no more rent, electric bills, etc.  With the rise of remote business solutions like cloud computing, the company saw an opportunity that needed to be exploited. But IndustryPro didn’t know how to best implement these cloud-based solutions.

Enter i.t.NOW.

i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including cloud computing, data backup and recovery, desktop virtualization, and more. The company’s i.t.CLOUD offering gives small businesses the ability to decrease in-house operating and hardware costs, and access vital company data on any device in a majority of locations.

To implement IndustryPro’s transition to a cloud-based company, i.t.NOW developed a custom plan of action.

First, IndustryPro needed to give its employees the ability to work from home on any device, to eliminate the need for expensive office real estate and maintenance costs. i.t.NOW migrated all of IndustryPro’s data to its secure, off-site data centers, and configured remote access for each of its employees. This allowed the company to shut down the physical office.  Server hosting fees were a lot less than his rent.

Second, IndustryPro was looking for a way to rapidly expand its business. i.t.NOW’s cloud computing solutions allowed the company to add additional employees in different states, and even overseas. With i.t.CLOUD, IndustryPro employees could access company files and e-mail from their homes or on the go, on any device. Fred and other employees are able to travel with more flexibility as they never have to be ‘in the office’ to work, and still has full functionality.

“We had employees working on PCs, iPads, Macs, and other various hardware and software systems. With i.t.NOW, our transition to a cloud-based company was seamless. Our data and connections were secure and we also saw a substantial increase in productivity without increasing our business I.T. costs.

i.t.NOW has helped our company grow from one expensive office to four virtual offices and one smaller brick-and-mortar location in Georgia. This has allowed us to expand our customer base and increase our bottom line.

The staff at i.t.NOW was very professional, and I would recommend i.t.NOW to any business looking to cut costs and expand its business.”

– Fred Zirikle, founder and CEO of IndustryPro