How Cloud Hosting Services Can Slash Your Costs of Doing Business

Cloud computing services allow organizations to quickly and easily scale their servers and network infrastructure as their needs grow or change. This can be done without straining capital budgets. Cloud computing resources are billed on a subscription basis, so they can be considered part of a business’s operational expenses.

i.t.NOW Cloud Computing & Managed Hosting draws on nearly two decades of expertise in implementing and managing complex data centers for clients in demanding industries such as financial services and healthcare. Our team can determine which cloud services are the best fit for an organization, and match our service to the need, leveraging existing on-site infrastructure to create a seamless hybrid cloud computing solution. We will also monitor and manage the solution for guaranteed end to end performance. Let our information system experts explain how cloud hosting can benefit your business, contact us right away!

i.t.NOW Cloud Services Feature:

  • Infrastructure as a service (aka IaaS), allows you to quickly expand your computing capacity by leveraging managed virtual servers and expandable storage in the data center.
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions make enterprise level backup and recovery solutions available at a small business price. These solutions combine local standby server capabilities with replication and recovery options within the i.t.NOW cloud.

Why i.t.NOW Cloud Services?

i.t.NOW’s cloud data center location is in Bluffdale Utah, and has been built with data integrity, security, and performance in mind. The data center is SAS-70 Type II certified, which satisfies even the rigorous data security standards set for publicly traded financial institutions and healthcare organizations. Here are some highlights:

  • State of the art heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Backup Generators and redundancy to all electrical circuits
  • Multiple telecommunications carries with redundant facilities
  • 24×7 staffing by certified technicians
  • Security Cameras, biometric fingerprint readers and locked cabinets
  • Seismic, flood, and fire detection and suppression systems

Cloud-based hosted services from i.t.NOW are simple, powerful and practical.

Call us today at (801) 562-8778 or click here for a free consultation to see if i.t.CLOUD is right for your business