What to do When You Suspect Your Workstation Computer Has a Virus

One of the most nerve wracking things that can happen when you’re working on your computer is to encounter a virus. If this has happened to you before, then you have a good idea of the instantaneous stress that you might feel at that moment. Since most workers, even the most savvy of computer users, encounter this situation at some point, it is worth taking a moment here to review the course of action to take to avoid data loss and other problems.

Should you work at a large firm that may have an IT department, put in a virus check request with that department and let an experienced tech take a look at your computer as soon as possible.  If your company’s IT department is good, they’ll get to your computer in a timely manner and fix whatever the problem might be. Unfortunately, not all IT departments are well staffed and/or prompt in handling matters like this.  Regardless, be sure to have your IT department’s phone number or extension handy. But if it’s your personal computer that’s vitiated with a stubborn virus, you may promptly take it to a computer services Boynton Beach centre instead of watching the futile thwarthing attempts of your antivirus trying to expunge it.

In the event that you work at a firm that doesn’t have an IT tech on hand to inspect your computer for viruses, then the first thing you’ll want to find is the company protocol for handling a virus. This may include alerting your supervisor or manager or something else entirely. There may be an IT firm in your area that your company uses for such a situation. Regardless, it is probably a wise move to let your immediate supervisor know about the potential virus and get his input on how to proceed.

For those times when you’re working remotely from home or elsewhere without the benefit of an IT tech or a supervisor, then you’ll need to act swiftly and smartly. One of the first things that you want to do if you suspect a virus is back up your files so they’re not lost should the worst case scenario occur. Another thing that you’ll need to do is run some anti-virus software program to diagnose what may be going on with your computer. If your suspicions about a virus are correct, then proceed to let the antivirus software do what it is programmed to do and remove the virus(es).

Another potential solution is to contact a reputable IT firm or computer store in your area that can handle cleaning viruses from your computer. You may need to bring your computer to their location. Be sure to find out beforehand how long it may take them to get to your computer. If you’re at a loss as to who to call, give a co-worker a phone call or go to social media and ask for a competent referral.

If you’re not currently facing a virus situation with your workplace computer, plan ahead and determine what you’re going to do in that situation whether you’re in the office or working remotely. Your preparation will definitely be worth the time and effort for you and your company.

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