Which Device is Right for You?

With all the devices available now, it might seem easy to find the one that fits your lifestyle. But with so many choices, which one will deliver what you need at a price you can afford? Whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, you need a device that can store all your photos, documents, games, etc. So, which one is the best fit for you? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Still a necessity for most. It handles the highest workload and is customizable. Not to mention its also perfect for playing games like Diablo ll classic and Expansion  about which you read more on https://www.yesgamers.com/info/diablo-2-classic-vs-expansion-lord-destruction/. Although it is not portable, Windows 8 and iOS will update information from the desktop to your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets through SkyDrive or iCloud. And a desktop can print to a variety of sources which a tablet or laptop might not be able to.

One major consideration of a desktop is space. Macs combine the computer and monitor into one, but PCs keep the monitor separate. You decide which kind you like. A benefit of the PC is that you can customize the computer after buying it and can switch out your monitor or get multiples.


Just as it once overshadowed desktops, the laptop is now being overshadowed by tablets. It is going out of style as the traveling device but is still a necessary tool for those who have to work away from the office. Its battery life lasts around 5 hours at best when it is being used for minimal tasks, so it is a better choice if you have a place to hook up.

There are thinner, lighter laptops for travel and heavier laptops that are meant to be used more as a desktop computer. As light as 2 ½ lbs. and as heavy as 15 lbs. The lighter you go, the less there is that can fit in the computer. So it may be super portable, but will have slower processing and less memory. Remember to look for the hookups you will need like USB ports, CD/DVD drive, headphones plugin, etc. These plugins are a feature that most tablets lack, but they are catching up.


They’re the latest and greatest gadget. Their versatility makes them wildly popular. As a main computer they are not your best choice. They work better as a supplement. They are ideal for travel and the casual technology user.

These are also a great family tool. You can create users with different parental controls for each. You can even set a time limit for the kids to play games. Read a book on the couch. Play a game together. Read a recipe in the kitchen. This device goes everywhere. It is a lot like a large smartphone with more capacity and the option to hook up a keyboard (not available for the 7” screens). The tablet’s battery life is impressive and for many users it replaces paper notebooks, planners, the camera, and books.

The memory space is small though compared to laptops and desktops. It is not a device where you can keep all your photos, videos, and documents. You have to put them on another device or in online storage.

There is a lot of pressure today from advertising, family and friends to get a specific device that you just “have to have.” Don’t worry about what works for others, find what is right for you. Find the device that will streamline your life or give you the diversion you’re looking for. Not all gadgets are for everyone.