How to Submit a Support Ticket

The team at i.t.NOW is anxious to give our clients the best experience possible and the quickest responses.  To help facilitate that, we have several ways our clients can submit a service ticket to us.  I’ll start with our preferred method of submitting thorough the support agent.  You can also email in a ticket or call the helpdesk.  Lastly, you can submit a ticket via our website.

 Submit through Partner Portal via IT Icon

Almost every machine that i.t.NOW supports will have a little IT icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  You can click on this and easily submit a ticket.  We like this method because when a request comes in from the support agent it gives us additional information on the machine/user that needs help.  That makes it easier for our techs to respond quickly and accurately.  Here is what that process looks like.

  1. Click on the little IT icon
  1. Click on Create a new ticket
  1. A menu will pull up with common requests that can make it easier to put in your request. Scan the list and see if any fit your situation.  If they do click on the appropriate one.  If not, scroll to the bottom and click on “something else”
  1. If clicked, many of these areas will expand with additional options so you can further describe your problem. Click on the best description or “other”
  1. Answer additional questions as prompted.
  1. Once you’ve answered the rest of the questions click on the submit ticket on the bottom right.
  1. Congratulations! You’ve just submitted a service ticket!  You will receive a verification page that looks like this.

As mentioned submitting a ticket from the support agent in this manner is our favorite method to receive tickets because it provides additional information that aid our engineers in solving your request in a timely manner.

What happens if your machine doesn’t have the support agent loaded?  No problem.  Here are a couple of other quick and easy ways you can submit a ticket.


That’s right.  You can email in a ticket by simply sending an email to  Please provide a description of the problem you’re having in the body of the ticket with as much detail as possible.  Also please let us know the best method and time to contact you to resolve your request.



This one is easy too.  You can call the helpdesk for support anytime at 801-562-8778 option 1.  When the auto prompter starts talking you can hit option 1 to go straight to support.

CALL 801-562-8778 Option 1



The last option to submit a ticket would be to do so through out website.  We don’t recommend this as a first choice because it’s not quite as quick or easy as the other methods.  Here’s how to do it.

  1. Navigate to our website –, and click on the support button in the top right of the menu bar.
  1. That will take you to our main support page. To submit a ticket via the website you’ll need to click on the link for the partner portal.
  1. That will take you to a page asking you to login with a token. Put in your email and hit the “send me a token” button.
  1. Check your email for the token. Copy and past it into the blank or log in with your password if you already have one.  Hit the submit button.
  2. This will take you to the i.t.NOW Support portal. See instructions above for how to submit a ticket via the support portal to complete inputting your ticket.  Those instructions are the same as submitting a ticket through the support agent and are located at the beginning of this post.

What NOT TO DO when submitting a support request

DO NOT SUBMIT A REQUEST FOR A FREE CONSULTATION, or A FREE MANAGED SERVICES QUOTE!  Those requests are routed to sales and will not get a response from our support team.  They will be responded to MUCH slower.  Please do not do this!


Also please do not attempt to submit a ticket on the Get In Touch With Us form on the homepage.  This again is routed to sales, and will not create a support request for you.



We hope that these have been helpful tips about how to submit a support request to i.t.NOW.  We love our clients, and want to make sure you get the best possible response.  If you ever have questions or frustration about submitting a ticket simply pick up the phone and give us a call.  You can reach us at 801-562-8778 – option 1 for support.

Thanks! – The i.t.NOW Team