Computer Years

Computer Years and Dog Years

We’ve all heard of dog years before, but what about computer years? Do you know how old your computer is compared to a human? Turns out it is about 18.25 computer years to 1 human year.

This means: A 1-year old computer is in it’s prime. It can run a 4-minute mile. It eats at Chuck-A-Rama every night and doesn’t gain weight. No challenge is too big, no mountain too high. 18 years old.

After 3.5 years, it is planning its retirement party. It’s on a first name basis with the doctor. It is grandkids and antacids. 65 years old. At the 5-year mark it’s on a high fiber diet and buys Bengay in bulk. Re-runs are great because it can’t remember how they end. Obituaries are its social media. 97 years old.

Just like people, the older a PC’s gets the more care it needs. It cost about 1.5 times more to maintain and older computer. Newer computers have 40% less sick days than older ones. Your employees will be more productive and happier using a newer computer. My recommendation, put together a plan to replace your business computers every 4 years!