An i.t.NOW Poem

Twas the week before Christmas, and the office went out

No computer, no internet…not even a mouse

No work was getting done as tempers flared

Bob called the IT guy who said he’d be there

The managers were frustrated with deadlines ahead

Would sales make their quota, the president said

Many hours later, with everyone in despair

The IT guy waltzed in, like he just didn’t care

“Did you reboot your computers?”, he rudely shouted

Everyone nodded, looked away, and quietly pouted

He tinkered and troubleshot and clamored and guessed

Then shouted a backup is needed to clean up this mess

A sigh of relief went through the office at last

Then Bob in accounting asked him how fast

You’ll be down for a week, assuming the backup is good

And if it’s not, well, then you’ll be really screwed

Tears welled up in everyone’s eyes

And managers begged and pleaded and bribed

But nothing could be done according to this guy

The computers were done for, the network awry

What other options do we have, the CEO exclaimed

Then Bob in accounting quietly proclaimed

There is a group who proactively manages IT

They do alerts and monitoring and all sorts of things

They fix all the issues before they become problems

Then we are not down waiting for someone to solve em

When things are broken, they have really smart guys

Who can fix them in a jiffy and bring bliss to your eyes

The CEO shouted, Bob what are they called!?!

Bob said, it’s i.t.NOW, the best of them all.

He sprang to his office and gave a loud whistle

His managers followed, like the down of a thistle

They called up i.t.NOW and got a great price

An engineer magically showed up who was really nice

He fixed all their issues with a click of the mouse

The office was working, even the warehouse

The office cheered and the future looked bright

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night