How Managed IT Provides a Competitive Advantage

How Managed IT Provides a Competitive Advantage

Managed IT services is one of the most constantly changing fields in technology. This is in part due to the nature of technology, which is always outdating itself. Focusing too much on technology can distract a company from its goals, which are to satisfy customers and keep revenue flowing. IT as a Service (ITaaS) is an emerging technology worth considering for cloud-based businesses looking to cut costs and maximize services.

IT vs. Business Strategy

Keeping up with every technology trend isn’t necessary for most vendors, since many trends come and go and don’t always live up to the hype. Developing a strong business strategy should be the main priority. While cutting IT costs can help improve the bottom line, it’s not the basis for a company earning profits. Completely moving to the cloud is only a stepping stone to the next level and shouldn’t be confused as the next level of business growth.

CIOs look for technology that can help accelerate processes and productivity, but the core of any business model is more about attracting and keeping customers, regardless of the product or service. When a business takes its eye off the prize (customers) to concentrate on tech, it can actually weaken an operation. Companies should focus on developing and executing their business plans, as well as speeding up operations and striving for competitive innovation.

How ITaaS Provides Synergy

Technology providers and consultants should look closely at ITaaS because it can improve both IT and business strategies. It eliminates the hassles associated with managed IT and allows businesses to focus on competitive issues. An effective approach is to pay attention to technology that actually disrupts a specific market.

Some startups are able to invade a market with disruptive technology, which can shake up an industry and scatter customers in new directions. When a business faces this disruption it must develop a clear strategy to protect its market share and boost customer satisfaction.

How to Deal With Disruption

When a business is challenged to respond to market disruption, the key focus should be on how technology can bring better value to existing customers. This strategy should comprise the following elements:

  • More comprehensive customer data tracking
  • Efficient data mining processes
  • Development of useful digital services
  • Enhanced customer experience

In other words, customer loyalty is still the main prize in competitive battles. Improving and expanding analytics is essential to learning more about what customers want and how they respond to marketing campaigns. Ultimately, customer loyalty and revenue generation supersede all digital issues.

Innovation isn’t just limited to technology, as it can also be applied to business culture through policies. A vision that integrates business and technology with an emphasis on customers and revenue forms the basis of a strong operation.


The era of managed IT for on-premise infrastructures is being eclipsed by the cloud, but businesses should still stay focused primarily on what best helps attract and maintain loyal customers.

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