Things your IT guy isn’t telling you

Challenges with IT Staff

Things your IT guy isn’t telling you

It’s hard to be the boss.  We’ve all had struggles with staff at one point or another.  IT guys can be particularly tricky because if you don’t have the technical expertise it can be difficult to know if they’re doing their job well or not.  There are lots of things your IT guy isn’t telling you.  This is a plain common sense guide that tries to lay out in normal human language how you can distinguish the good from the bad.  There are a lot of lousy IT guys out there running their companies networks into the ground because management doesn’t know what they don’t know.

In this ebook we’ll go over a lot of the different personas IT guys normally take on.  We’ll talk about how each can pose a potential risk to your business, and give some guidelines to best practice solutions.  These personas will help you easily identify a stinker so you can take corrective action immediately.  Sometimes management can be a little intimidated by IT because its so far out of their wheelhouse.

My hope is to demystify all of that.  We’ll give you behaviors to look for that will help you easily identify a stinker.  We’ll also tell you what an amazing IT guy looks like so that you can cherish him if you have one.  Once you’ve checked out the book we’re happy to do a quick network analysis if you want to see where things are at.  If they’re great we’ll happily tell you that.  If they’re not, we’ll tell you that too.

We’ve been in business for 20 years, and know what it takes to keep things up and running.  I hope this guide helps you on your path to a better IT solution.  Give us a call today.