Nationwide IT Support

Nationwide IT Support

Did you know that modern IT providers can do up to 95% of IT Support remotely?  That means that for most things, you really don’t need to have an IT guy at your physical location.  This opens up a world of possibilities.  That means you can take advantage of an IT firm in a low cost market, and get best in class nationwide IT support for a fraction of what you would pay to hire someone locally in many cases.

What about the 5% of the time you ask?  i.t.NOW has access to a nationwide network of technicians, and can get boots on the ground just about anywhere on demand.  We can monitor the performance of your network, get alerted when things go offline or have problems, and have an entire staff of engineers to help when you need it.  We have a proven track record of supporting businesses with locations nationwide.

“i.t.NOW has been extremely responsive to the issues that we have. There has been communication on what is being done.  IT surprises, that have been distracting and costly, have been minimized by i.t.NOW”.

“The response and the amount of time they have spent making sure we are operational as a public utility has always been exceptional”

“i.t.NOW has brought a level of stabilization to our network that was previously lacking.  I can heartily recommend i.t.NOW as an IT services partner”

Supporting Businesses Nationwide

There are a few things that allow us to effectively support our clients all over the US.

Our remote support tools are top notch.  They allow us to remote into a machine to give support if the user has internet no matter the location.  Those same remote support tools report back to us on the status of your network,  give early notice if hardware is starting to fail on your servers, and generally allow us to do IT magic.

We have access to a nationwide network of technicians for those odd times when you actually need boots on the ground to give support.  We can have them there in a jiff.

Our hardware support is also top notch.  Many of our clients will simply ship us their broken machines and our guys will do their magic.  Then we ship them right back to you.

24/7 Monitoring, Helpdesk that you can call anytime, boots on the ground when you need them, strategic planning and more.  A complete IT solution no matter where you are.

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