Reliable Network Security Services for Utah Businesses

Your network is important – Make sure it is secure.

Network security is an essential element to your business IT plan. Many businesses house protected customer data of a sensitive nature and need to take reasonable precautions to keep that data secure and protected. Making sure that you have sufficient security protocols like properly configured firewalls or SSL certificates is a business essential. Also, depending on your industry, security compliance for regulatory bodies like HIPAA, PCI, and SOX may also be required by law. All of these regulatory bodies have specific network security standards that must be met in order to be in compliance. Failure to meet the particular standards can result in severe penalties. i.t.NOW has experience with making sure that our clients meet the requirements of various regulatory agencies and remain in compliance as those organizations update their policies.

Network Security Solutions:

  • Remember: small business that don’t have specific compliance regulations or store sensitive customer data can still be a target of an attack. Hackers use automated tools to scan the internet for security vulnerabilities. When the tool finds an exploit it automatically executes. They use the networks they infiltrate as SPAM relays, illegal file repositories, phishing sites and more. This means that any network attached to the internet can be a target. There is no such thing as security by obscurity any longer.
  • Network security is not just about protecting your network from outside attacks – it’s also about protecting your brand as a company, and the time and revenue you could lose from a security breach.
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