Email Management 101

Email has become one of the leading methods of communication in the business world, used to manage projects, serve customers, secure new business, and correspond with fellow employees. You and your employees probably use email on a daily basis. The amount of information passing through your company’s email servers creates several different challenges and risks, making it essential to have a trustworthy email management to keep your computers and information safe and secure.

Companies should keep copies of all email correspondence for several years, in case they are required to provide them during litigation or investigation. However, most servers are not equipped to handle the vast amounts of emails held in inboxes, sent, and deleted folders. The mass quantities of emails held in the server can negatively impact its performance, leading to slow speeds or crashes.

Email management services work to take the pressure off your email server, increasing its performance and decreasing your risk of losing valuable information. Email management systems capture and copy all emails that are created and received by your employees. The system uses a classification scheme to assign proper controls and to manage content. It then creates an archive of every email correspondence, usually by creating a copy of the email and storing it in a separate location.

A good email management system gives you peace of mind that your email system will always be available, running at full speed, secure, and fully backed-up. Many will also help make your email available from any location through mobile applications or web access. The system makes sure that all email, calendars, and contact are available and in sync no matter where your employee is accessing them. Whatever the demands and uses of your email server, an email management system can help your business run efficiently and effectively.