The Importance of Computer Back Up

We’ve all been there. That moment when you have just finished a huge project and before you can hit save, your computer crashes. The frustration that hits when all that work and all those hours are lost is extreme and can often spawn the regret of “if only I had saved my work along the way.”

This regret is multiplied to the nth degree when you lose not just one file but all the information contained on your computer. In today’s society, when the average person keeps the vast majority of their personal information, photos, files, and documents on their computers, it is essential to back up your computer. While no one wants to believe that it could happen to them, the data and memory on your computer can be lost, deleted or damaged without any warning. Hard drives fail, power failures and spikes can damage your hardware, and viruses can erase or damage everything on your machine. Having your computer properly backed up can bring you the peace of mind that all your information is safe no matter what may happen.

It is not necessary to back up everything on your computer. The most important thing to do is go through the files and information that is most important to you. Most people do not realize the amount or importance of these files until they are lost. A few of the most common files to back up are:

  • Photos
  • Home Videos
  • Music purchased from the Internet
  • Important work and school projects
  • Important family documents
  • Software purchased from the Internet
  • Internet bookmark lists
  • Email contact list

There are many different programs, software and hardware available to back-up your computer. Most of them are quick and easy, leaving you with the confidence that you, and your computer, are prepared for anything that may happen. If you are not sure which program is right for you, contact i.t.NOW and we will be happy to help you set up the right back up program for your business.