Windows Server 2008 R2 End of Life

Windows Server 2008 End of Life

Well guys, it’s been on Microsoft’s roadmap for quite a while but we’re finally in the home stretch.  Windows Server 2008 R2 will officially be end of life with Microsoft Jan 14th of 2020.  That means that we’re less than one year left till we’re completely out of support. This was brought to light recently as I worked to onboard a new client for i.t.NOW.  As we did our initial inventory we found there was a DOZEN servers running keys systems for their organization that were still running on 2008 R2.  This presents a challenge for them because they now have to plan migrations for ALL of the servers.  Since their previous IT provider hadn’t taken time to plan for it we’re now working on a deadline. We’ll be able to help them transition to new operating systems and hardware in plenty of time, but it was an important reminder that IT providers should be looking to the future.  Strategic planning can make for smoother transitions, and save your business time and money.

Why make the move?

When a product goes end of life with Microsoft it means that they are no longer supporting it.  That means that there are no more security patches that will be released for that product.  Without those updates, old operating systems become more and more vulnerable to attack over time.  So security is the number one reason.  Compatibility is another.  Most software manufacturers have updates for their products as well, and new versions of other software are designed to run on newer versions of Microsoft OS.  If you think you can skate by running a 10 yr old operating system you may find soon that compatibility issues will compel you to get up to date.

Less Issues, More Stuff

In addition to allowing you to stay current on security patches and updates from Microsoft, upgrading to the newest version of server has some other benefits.  Some patches and updates to OS are to solve performance issues rather than patch a security flaw.  By upgrading to the latest version of server you can resolve issues and bugs, and enjoy better performance.  Newer versions of server also come loaded with a bunch more features.  2019 for example has a TON of stuff that you didn’t get in 2008.

Make the Move

What all of that boils down to is that now is the time to make the move.  If you have older 2008 R2 servers start planning your migration today.  If your current IT provider hasn’t already started this discussion, maybe you deserve to be with one that looks forward and helps plan for your companies future.  If that’s the case, i.t.NOW stands ready to help.  Call us anytime.  We’re the friendliest IT guys you’ll ever meet.