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Backup Stats that Might Shock You

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup Stats that Might Shock You We live in a world full of problems.  Data security and integrity is high on the list for businesses.  We all know we need to have a solid backup solution in place.  That’s not news to anybody.  Yet many small business owners have done nothing at all to protect […]

Ransomware- What you should know!!!

The purpose of this article is to educate users on the dangers of Ransomware, or Cryptolocker. Definition: Ransomeware is malicious software that is delivered usually via emails that look legitimate, and are designed to trick users in to opening attachments or opening links to files in order to encrypt files (making them unreadable) and demanding a […]

Get the Backup Solution That Your Business Needs and Stop Worrying About Downtime

backup solution

Why a Backup Solution Is Critical Your systems are absolutely critical to your company’s success. Your employees depend on your systems being up and running to complete projects and communicate smoothly. Your customers count on your systems running properly so they can communicate with you through your website and other channels. When your systems crash for […]