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Beware of Fake Corona Virus Phishing Attack Email

Beware of Fake Corona Virus Phishing Attack Email Bad actors are now using the global threat of corona virus and associated panic to steal information and infect targets with ransomware. They are doing this by sending phishing emails that appear to be from the World Health Organization and claim to have information about how to […]

Most Common Forms of Ransomware

Most Common Forms of Ransomware Some recent analysis done by the folks at Emisoft this last year gives us additional data about the current evolving state of ransomware threats.  They looked at 230,000 submissions between April and September of 2019 and gathered data on the different strains of ransomware.  The results help us to see […]

Phishing Scams to Look Out for

Phishing Scams to Look Out For The Holiday season brings a lot of things with it.  The hustle and bustle, the holiday lights.  However, scammers are hard at work year-round and they even put in some overtime around the holidays.  That’s right, we typically see an uptick in phishing and spam emails this time of […]

Cost of a Data Breach

Cost of a Data Breach

The Increasing Cost of a Data Breach The cost of a data breach has spiked over 6% in the last year according to a recent report by the Ponemon Institute.  The cost of a breach rose from $141 per record compromised to $148 per record in 2018.  This makes the average cost of a breach […]

Scary Stories from IT Security

Scary Stories in IT Security This week I had a speaking event where I talked about the basics of IT security in front of about 70 business owners and executives.  I shared a bunch of real life stories I’ve heard over my 10 years working in the managed services industry.  I realized as I started […]

How to Protect from Ransomware | WannaCry | IT Security


How to protect from Ransomware Right on the heels of President Trumps executive order to improve the state of Cyber Security in the US the entire world is being hammered by one of the largest ransomware attacks in history.  The new ransomware Wannacry has run rampant across the globe infecting more than 200,000 computers in […]