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Phishing Trends

Phishing Trends For those of you that follow our blog here at i.t.NOW we covered phishing just a few weeks back.  Our friends over at KnowBe4 recently released a new infographic that summarizes some of the recent trends they’ve been seeing.  Feel free to check out their original post here. Social Media Social media can […]

How to Spot a Phishing Attack

How to Spot a Phishing Attack

How to Spot a Phishing Attack I got phishing emails from 2 different folks that I’d never met today.  It made me more aware than ever of how real this threat is, and how a little education can go a long way in protecting our personal information and data.  Here are some quick tips to […]

Secure Data Disposal

Secure Data Disposal An Ugly Story One of our technicians here at i.t.NOW was recently at a Thrift Store.  He noticed some computers in their electronics section and naturally gravitated towards them.  Curiosity impelled him to turn the machine on, and he was surprised when he did. The machine was still attached to the domain […]

Web App Security

Web App Security Concerns Many business owners have moved their main business applications to web-based versions.  Web-based applications offer many advantages.  They have less hardware to support, higher system availability, and simple browser-based access from anywhere in the world.  It’s frequently pitched that these applications are also more secure.  A new study reveals that may […]

The Weakest Links in Network Security

Weakest links in Network Security

The Weakest Links in Network Security Cyber security training and quality backups can save your business from costly security breaches and ransomware attacks.  User training is the most basic form of network security, and is often completely overlooked.  Having a solid backup of your business data is critical. The threat to businesses is real.  According […]