Creating the Perfect Remote Workspace

Home Office

Many companies have gravitated towards allowing a hybrid or fully remote work schedule for their employees. While the popularity of this model is rising, working remotely is still new to a lot of people, so it may take time to adjust. One of the biggest challenges to working remotely is creating a home office setup that you’re comfortable in. Following the tips below will help you create the perfect remote workspace in your home.

Find the Perfect Spot

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before you create your dream home office is to determine where in your house you want it located. There are multiple factors that you should consider when deciding where you want to set up your office space.

A key component to your space should be its proximity to noise. Working from home can introduce distractions to your workflow, such as the sounds of daily life echoing throughout your home, so it’s best to find a room far away from the commotion. If distance from the chatter isn’t attainable, there are a few ways you can reduce interruptions from the outside world. Investing in noise-canceling electronics, like headphones, or even purchasing a white noise machine, can help you keep your focus on the tasks at hand instead of what is happening on the other side of your office door.

Other things to look for in a quality home office space is plenty of natural light and space. Natural light is important to have in a workspace as studies have shown that it helps improve mood and health, as well as multiple other advantages. Having enough space in your office is important because you want to be comfortable while you are in there, and feeling cramped is a recipe for a space that you don’t want to spend a lot of time in. Having enough space allows you to stay organized and prevent feeling overwhelmed with clutter.

Determine What You Need

Once you figure out the perfect spot to create your home workspace, the next step is to determine what office-specific furniture you’ll need. Having a spacious desk and a comfortable chair are essential to your success as a remote worker. You’ll be spending long periods working and need the comfort and stability of quality furniture.

Having an ergonomic desk chair is a great addition to any home office. An ergonomic chair provides multiple benefits compared to a normal desk chair including encouraging better posture while at your desk as well as increasing your productivity as you work.

Make sure you have a desk that fits your style and needs in your home office. If you have multiple computers and monitors that you work with or need to have some paperwork on your desk to refer to throughout the day or during any online meetings, it’s critical that you have enough space on your desk to comfortably place these items. If you’re looking to avoid needing to sit down for long periods of time while you work, you could also investigate getting a standing desk that allows you to go between standing and sitting while you’re working from home.

Create a Budget

At this point, you know where in your home you’re going to have your workspace and what furniture you’ll need for it, so the last step before purchasing supplies is to create a budget. Your budget will help you stay on track with your spending and will ensure you have a good understanding of what you truly need to succeed while working from home.

Office supplies such as desks, chairs, and computers are expensive. Along with these office supplies, you may need to make a small home addition or renovate an existing area in your home to provide you with the necessary space to complete the project. Renovating your home can be costly as you juggle the costs of hiring a contractor, buying materials, and installing new features, so make sure you know everything you’ll need to spend on before you start making purchases. Itemizing your expenses beforehand will help you create a comprehensive budget. Some employers may provide you with some supplies to create your home office or a stipend to help you pay for it. Check with your employer before you start shopping so you know what you can receive from them as that can affect your budget.

If you have a savings account for home improvement projects or if you have just been putting some money aside for a while in anticipation of creating a home office, that is a great way to tackle financing the space. However, if you think you may need some extra help when it comes to funding this project, consider tapping into the equity built up in your home and apply for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). A HELOC allows you to use your home’s value to get money as needed and use it for whatever you may need, such as creating a home office. Utilizing a HELOC is a great way to tackle the finances if you are choosing to make a home addition for your remote workspace as the interest is tax deductible when used for home improvements.

Make It Welcoming

Once you have the space, the furniture, and all of your work supplies, it’s time to bring your office to life. Making a welcoming environment in this room will greatly benefit you and the work you do. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this space, so make it a place you’ll enjoy being in.

Being happy with the remote workspace you created should be a very important goal for your journey. Adding a personal touch with things to “make it your own” will not only make the space look good, but will also make you feel good while you are in the room.

You can take a smaller approach when customizing your workspace by doing things like adding some pictures and plants around the space to add some decoration. Or if you want to make some bigger changes you could repaint the room to a color of your choice and add some more storage to make organizing your space easier. 

Creating a remote workspace in your own home can be a challenging process. It’s important to build a room that promotes your productivity and comfort. Utilizing these tips should help you build the home office of your dreams.