Cyber Security Training

Man pointing at chalk board with word, security written on it

The weakest link in most IT security plans is frequently your employees.  Cyber security training can help them recognize threats and not fall for that phishing scam.  Without it, a misguided click can subvert a lot of the other security you’ve worked hard to put in place.

What is Cyber Security Training?

People make mistakes.  It’s an unfortunate result of being human.  That’s where the phrase “human error” comes from.  The right training won’t guarantee perfection, but it will lessen your risks significantly.

Cyber security training programs can take several different forms.  Most commonly we see a baseline test for phishing administered and the results recorded.  Users then run through a series of brief online video trainings that seek to educate them on how to spot and avoid threats. 

After the course has been completed another phishing test is sent.  The goal is to help those that fell for it in the first place, our “clickers” to not be clickers any longer.  If they still fail after the course many businesses will require them to repeat it until things sink in.

The goal of the course is to raise the cyber-IQ of users throughout the organization, and aid them in detecting and avoiding potential phishing and other security threats.

Cyber security training is often administered as a seminar as well.  The trainer will come to the business and block out a few hours in a given day to go over IT Security essentials and train them on how to spot a threat and avoid it.

Why is Cyber Security Training important?

Most of us have heard that expression that “you’re only as strong as your weakest link”.  In cyber security human error is almost always that weakest link.  If we can train our employees to be smarter and more internet savvy, we can avoid a LOT of potential threats.

According to research by Ponemon, “Even the least effective training programs have a 7-fold return on investment. Security-related risks are reduced by 70% when businesses invest in cybersecurity training and awareness.”

How do we start?

i.t.NOW is proud to offer cyber security training as part of our security packages.  Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and we’ll get you on the path to a savvier staff.