40 Under 40

Phil Robinson | CEO, i.t.NOW


Phil Robinson started working at a computer repair shop in 1992 while still in high school. In 1997, he bought out that company and became its sole owner and only employee. Over the course of several years and a rebranding to i.t.NOW in 2005, Robinson has grown the company to 19 employees and $2.2 million annual gross income. Because technology is always changing, Robinson has to keep his employees and data centers up to date on the latest processes. While this can be a challenge, Robinson knows there is a huge need for the services his company provides. “People can no longer function without technology,” he says. “They depend on it now more than ever, and I don’t see that trend ever going the other way. As far as important jobs go, I put doctors first and IT guys second.” With his never-stop-improving attitude, Robinson realizes the importance of having a “willingness to get in the trenches, show employees that you care and help them understand how important what they do is.”

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“Be genuine, have integrity and be honest. Never stop improving, and never let a crisis go to waste.”