Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR (endpoint detection and response) software is a critical piece to any layered security strategy. It’s the best protection you can get on your endpoints and is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional antivirus programs. It’s better because it works differently.

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Traditional Anti-Virus vs EDR

Traditional anti-virus software scans a file, program, or application and compares a specific set of code with a database of known threats. If it finds code that is identical or similar to a piece of known malware in the database, that code is considered malware and is quarantined or removed.

The challenge with this type of product is that threats are continually evolving. Your antivirus is only as good as the current list of known threats it’s populated with. They’re ineffective against zero-day attacks, and they don’t give you any way to track what happened when you were compromised. That makes it much more difficult to remediate effectively.

Gartner defines EDR as, “EDR records and stores endpoint-system level behaviors, uses various data analytics techniques to detect suspicious system behavior, provides contextual information, blocks malicious activity, and provides remediation suggestions to restore affected systems.”

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A true EDR Tool Should Have the Following Capabilities:

The idea here is that EDR has a greater ability to identify and stop unknown threats.  It typically leverages an AI engine to allow it to make quick smart decisions about how to identify and classify threats.  Then it can act on that knowledge to contain and eliminate threats. The solution typically logs every step of the threat. This allows security analysts to identify entry points and remediate them more quickly if there is a breach.

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The very best EDR software out there will also allow you to roll back any changes made by potential threats and are backed by human security experts (Threat Ops) that help respond to severe threats.

  • Incident data search and investigation
  • Alert triage or suspicious activity validation
  • Suspicious activity detection
  • Threat hunting or data exploration
  • Stopping malicious activity

Ransomware Protection

Most traditional antivirus products do little to nothing to protect against ransomware, which is a major security threat today. EDR leverages new technology and AI to detect threats sooner and stop their spread. It also uses ransomware canaries (small lightweight files placed on all protected endpoints) to help enable faster detection. When those canary files are changed or modified in any way an investigation is immediately opened with the Threat Ops team. Early detection may allow you to contain the spread of ransomware and protect your network.

Compliance and Insurance

As part of your overall security strategy, we recommend that every business purchase cyber liability insurance to protect them in case of a security breach. This can give you the needed funds to remediate the threat properly and completely. It can also compensate you for business losses caused by such an event. Every policy is different, and each business has different needs. Consult with an insurance expert to make sure you get coverage that is right for you.

When you apply for cybersecurity insurance, you’ll be given a questionnaire asking about your current security plan and solutions. In almost every case, it will ask specifically if you have EDR on all your endpoints to protect them. If the answer is no, you may be denied a policy or classed as higher risk and given more expensive premiums.

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A New Standard

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EDR has become the new standard for endpoint protection. If your business isn’t using EDR today reach out to the team at i.t.NOW. We’ll work with you to develop a security strategy to protect your business and get you the protection you need.

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