IT Solutions for Property Management 

i.t.NOW has 20 years of experience managing IT services for property management businesses in the greater Salt Lake area. Let us help you with your unique needs.

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Industry IT Services
for Property Management

Your property management business uses advanced software and web solutions in order to provide the best service possible to your clients. You need to efficiently manage large amounts of data, communicate with clients in real-time, and deal with multiple locations across the country.

Your property management business needs robust IT services to ensure their network is always up, secure, and effective. At i.t.NOW, we’ve developed a system that allows us to be a nimble partner and ensure quick, smooth transitions for the property management industry. We have sector-specific experience in the field, and as a result we confidently offer the best IT solutions for the property management industry.

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Our Property Management IT Solutions

At i.t.NOW, we provide a complete range of IT services for property management businesses, from hardware and software procurement and installation, to end-user support. We also offer the latest in cloud hosting and security solutions to preserve your data. Here are some examples of the IT services for property management we provide:

Why Work with i.t.NOW?

Along with our industry expertise, at i.t.NOW we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of customer service. Our friendly team is available to provide you and your property management company with round the clock support and advice. You can rest assured knowing that we’ll provide full assistance in selecting and implementing the right IT solutions for your business.

We have years of experience helping companies leverage technology in order to achieve their business goals. We understand the needs of local property management businesses and are invested in helping them grow and succeed. With industry-specific expertise in property management and knowledge of the current market we will be able to offer the best IT solutions to help you stand out above your competitors.

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A True Technology Partner

With support from i.t.NOW, you can guarantee that your business is running efficiently and securely.Let us take care of your IT, so you can focus on growing your business and providing a quality service.

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