What are IT Services? 12 Demonstrated Ways IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

IT Services - A Complete Guide

Gartner defines IT services like this:  “IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management, and optimization of or access to information and business processes.” Essentially, it’s the labor and expertise that makes technology run. For most SMBs, it doesn’t make sense financially to hire full-time […]

IT Security for Small Businesses – A Complete Guide

IT Security for Small Business – A Complete Guide

The news is full of the latest companies that have suffered security breaches. These headlines focus on large corporations because the big numbers involved make the attack more impressive. This gives many small business owners a false sense of security -an illusion that there is security through obscurity. There is an idea that a “small […]

The Need for Cybersecurity Awareness Training in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face a unique landscape when it comes to cybersecurity.  They are highly regulated by HIPAA and have an obligation to protect sensitive patient information.  Technology is also a very important part of how they deliver care to patients.  These factors combine to make healthcare a prime target for cyber criminals.  The primary attack […]

7 Keys to Successful Outsourced IT

7 Keys to Successful Outsourced IT

There are a lot of reasons that businesses choose to outsource their IT support.  For many businesses it gives them access to an entire team of experts for a fraction of what it would cost to hire IT staff internally.  Many businesses also don’t have the team in place to effectively hire or manage IT […]

How to Satisfy HIPAA Requirements

Healthcare providers are often left scratching their head on how to satisfy HIPAA requirements.  We don’t blame you.  The verbiage used sometimes sounds like it was written up by a drunk lawyer with the intent to confuse.  They want to give guidelines without being prescriptive.  The challenge is that it might be easier if they […]

How to Prepare for Your Next Cyber Security Insurance Renewal

Just to be clear as we get started, i.t.NOW does NOT sell cyber security insurance.  We just help make sure our clients have the right security solutions in place to protect their business.  We also help our clients with IT strategy, and recently how to prepare for your next cyber security insurance renewal has come […]

Healthcare Practice Administrators – How to Reclaim the Time Spent Managing Technology and Cyber Security

IT Support and Cyber Security are something that every healthcare practice needs to be productive and deliver quality patient care.  In many small or medium sized medical practices however, there are not full time IT staff to manage IT.  Frequently in those cases the duty will fall to a Practice Administrator.  This is typically one […]

IT Support for Multifamily Residential with Locations Nationwide

There are a lot of challenges when managing properties across a large geography.  Managing IT support for those locations is one of them.  As your company continues to grow and acquire more properties under management, your needs for IT support across multiple locations nationwide will likely grow as well.  If you don’t have a plan […]

Strategic IT Planning for Medical Clinics

Most healthcare professionals went to school for years to learn their craft.  They take pride in running an efficient practice and helping to provide excellent patient care.  It’s no surprise that maintaining the computer network their clinic needs to run isn’t on the top of their priority list.  Even further down the list is strategic […]

3 Advantages of Technology Standardization for Multifamily Residential

Most multifamily residential management companies end up with a portfolio of properties in numerous locations regionally or nationwide.  These properties will naturally differ in many of their key characteristics.  Creating standard operating procedures on how they are to be operated will allow for easier management and movement of employees from one property to another as […]

7 Security Tips for Your Medical Practice

Healthcare providers have a responsibility to protect patient data.  Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because they are regulated by HIPAA.  Having the right cyber security measures in place for your medical practice is important.  There is a lot of things that you can do, but some measures offer more […]

IT Discovery Checklist for Senior Living Property Acquisition

Growth by acquisition is a common strategy for senior living organizations.  Whether you build or buy, the transition for IT can be complicated.  If we’re striving to ensure continuity of care for patients and a limited downtime transition you need a solid plan.  To assist with that we have the IT discovery checklist for senior […]