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Email Threats

Animated envelope with bug virus inside

In a recent conversation with a business owner, they disclosed that they were going through a BEC (Business Email Compromise) attack on their network.  There are a lot of email threats out there, but this attack was worse than most.  The attackers gained access to their email, monitored activity to see who they corresponded with […]

The Evolution of Business Email Compromise

The Evolution of BEC

That Nigerian prince has finally grown up.  Business Email Compromise or BEC is a real and evolving threat.  It may have started with humble beginnings but has been continually evolving.  Attackers are leveraging a remote workforce and COVID-19 to continue to exploit businesses.  Here’s what to look out for in 2021. Money Transfer Requests Accounting […]

BEC Attacks

BEC Attack

BEC Attacks Most of us are familiar with phishing emails and the danger they pose.  However, there is another type of email attack that is possibly more dangerous and specifically targeting businesses.  We wanted to give you some notes on what BEC attacks are and how to protect your company. BEC Attacks BEC stands for […]