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The Need for Cybersecurity Awareness Training in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face a unique landscape when it comes to cybersecurity.  They are highly regulated by HIPAA and have an obligation to protect sensitive patient information.  Technology is also a very important part of how they deliver care to patients.  These factors combine to make healthcare a prime target for cyber criminals.  The primary attack […]

Healthcare Practice Administrators – How to Reclaim the Time Spent Managing Technology and Cyber Security

IT Support and Cyber Security are something that every healthcare practice needs to be productive and deliver quality patient care.  In many small or medium sized medical practices however, there are not full time IT staff to manage IT.  Frequently in those cases the duty will fall to a Practice Administrator.  This is typically one […]

Strategic IT Planning for Medical Clinics

Most healthcare professionals went to school for years to learn their craft.  They take pride in running an efficient practice and helping to provide excellent patient care.  It’s no surprise that maintaining the computer network their clinic needs to run isn’t on the top of their priority list.  Even further down the list is strategic […]