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Security Update: FORCEDENTRY – Update your Apple Devices

Apple Exploit patch now, update your apple device

A critical security vulnerability called FORCEDENTRY on IOS and MacOS devices means you should update immediately. Earlier this week apple released a critical software patch to fix an exploit that allows attackers to directly infect iPhones and other Apple devices.  No user interaction is needed, which makes this attack particularly dangerous. The exploit was originally […]

Office 365 Price Hike

The office 365 price hike. It’s a common game plan for SAAS software manufacturers to offer their products free or at a very low price.  They build a large subscriber base, and eventually start charging for their product or increase prices to grab a massive revenue boost. Microsoft for years has been working on transitioning […]

Print Nightmare


A new security vulnerability that has been nicknamed “Print Nightmare” has been making a big splash in IT security communities.  The exploit has been deemed a zero-day attack as there was no patch available when it was discovered.  The bug is dangerous enough that Microsoft issued a statement on it and released a patch out […]

A Sneak Peek at Windows 11

Microsoft’s recent unveiling of Windows 11 gives us a look into the next iteration of the companies popular operating system.  While there are some details still to come, we’ll fill you in on a vague release date, cost, how you can get it, minimum hardware requirements, and major updates. Release Date We don’t have an […]

Has Remote Work Killed Your Company Culture?

Remote Work Kills Culture

This will be perhaps a departure from the business tech fare that we typically serve up here on the i.t.NOW blog.  I also want to preface this by saying that I’m confident that I don’t have all the answers.  I’d love your thoughts and feedback.  Let’s dive in. Problem:  Remote work has made it hard […]

A World With No Passwords

no passwords

Microsoft reports that “81% of data breaches are the result of weak, default, or stolen passwords.”  They’re recommending that we get rid of them.  There is a strong argument to do so, and some slick alternative authentication methods available and in the works. Why Should We Get Rid Of Them? There are a lot of […]

Patch Your Apple Products Now!

In the last couple of days, it has come to light that Apple products including macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS have been hit with 4 different zero-day drive by attacks.  This puts users at significant risk, and it’s recommended that they update immediate with the patches that Apple has made available. Nature of the Attacks […]

The Chip Shortage – What It Means for Your Business

The Chip Shortage

There is a global shortage of computer chips right now.  It has been caused by a near perfect storm of circumstances for chip manufacturers worldwide.  Since those chips are in almost everything nowadays, from cell phones, to tablets, to laptops, and even appliances, it means you may have some significant delays on getting tech.  You […]

5 Ways AI-Based Gadgets are Changing Businesses in 2021

Source: We live in an age of disruption, thanks to artificial intelligence. Businesses are getting transformed. Our working habits are getting transformed. And even our lifestyles have massively changed since the dawn of AI. Today, AI is an important necessity in our homes—and sometimes even a household presence (Hi Alexa). If you thought you […]