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Threat Report – Emotet 2.0

For several years bad actors have been using Emotet malware and its variants in large scale phishing attacks.  These attacks are meant to compromise business email accounts and then allow them to deliver a payload of ransomware.  Some recent updates from Microsoft have made those attacks less effective, so the hackers have had to pivot. […]

Cyber Security Training

The weakest link in most IT security plans is frequently your employees.  Cyber security training can help them recognize threats and not fall for that phishing scam.  Without it, a misguided click can subvert a lot of the other security you’ve worked hard to put in place. What is Cyber Security Training? People make mistakes.  […]

Microsoft Secure Score

Businesses should always be on the lookout for ways that they can increase their security posture.  Microsoft is aware of this and wants to help.  They’ve created some built in functionality within Office 365 that assists organizations in improving their security.  Here’s what it is and how it can help your business. What is Microsoft […]

Secure File Uploads with OneDrive for Business

Recent discussions with a couple of different businesses identified a need for secure file sharing with their clients.  Traditionally clients sent sensitive documents over email.  This isn’t ideal.  Plain text email can put your client’s data at risk.  There are a lot of different ways to securely transfer the needed files.  The key is to […]

Microsoft One Drive vs. SharePoint vs. Azure Files

Microsoft One Drive vs. SharePoint vs. Azure Files

As remote work has become more prevalent over the last couple of years, having a web-based file sharing platform has become more important than ever.  Ensuring your team has access to the files they need from anywhere is important to their productivity.  Microsoft has 3 different solutions.  This may seem confusing, but they all serve […]

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing

There’s a reason so many businesses are taking advantage of what the cloud offers. Cloud computing allows your employees to work on the go, boosting productivity and collaboration, while simultaneously reducing costs. Purchasing, installing, and maintaining your own servers and IT infrastructure can be very costly, and if you ever have to face a disaster, […]

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

Securely storing and backing up files has never been more important in today’s business environment. Problems with files being lost or stolen can present problems that can bring several large negative effects on a company with customers, the bottom line, and even employees. Although most networks and computers have CDs and external drives to provide […]