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Healthcare Practice Administrators – How to Reclaim the Time Spent Managing Technology and Cyber Security

IT Support and Cyber Security are something that every healthcare practice needs to be productive and deliver quality patient care.  In many small or medium sized medical practices however, there are not full time IT staff to manage IT.  Frequently in those cases the duty will fall to a Practice Administrator.  This is typically one […]

IT Discovery Checklist for Senior Living Property Acquisition

Growth by acquisition is a common strategy for senior living organizations.  Whether you build or buy, the transition for IT can be complicated.  If we’re striving to ensure continuity of care for patients and a limited downtime transition you need a solid plan.  To assist with that we have the IT discovery checklist for senior […]

Pros and Cons to working with a Managed Service Provider – An Objective Look

Interested in the idea of partnering with a Managed Service Provider, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here is our list of the pros and cons of your business working with a Managed Service Provider. Straightforward: these are the honest advantages and disadvantages of working with an MSP, written by a […]

How to Know if Your IT Provider Is Doing What They Need to Be Doing

It’s hard to know whether your IT team is managing everything they should be. You’re not technical, so how would you know what’s happening behind the scenes? This quick “review” will help you identify whether your IT Provider is staying on top of the technology at your organization. 1. Our backup system has an onsite […]

On Premise Exchange Is Dead

Grave stone with RIP written on it for Premise exchange

Shocking news rocked the IT world today when it was revealed that Microsoft has successfully quashed on premise Exchange email for small businesses.  They haven’t stopped making or selling Exchange.  You can still buy a current version and it’s even still supported.  Microsoft has just made it prohibitively expensive vs the simpler, cheaper, easier to […]

Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber insurance hologram with locks surrounding it

We’ve had a lot of conversations with clients recently that were trying to get covered with Cyber Security Insurance for the first time or going through a renewal.  Claims paid out by cyber insurance companies have gone up significantly in the last few years because of ransomware, phishing, and other threats.  Insurance companies are getting […]

The Moving Target of Network Security

Man with bow and arrow shooting at ballon with target

Technology is supposed to make things simpler.  Changing IT solutions and a terrifying threat landscape have created a rush of new products and services.  The complexity of Network security has increased 10-fold over the past few years.  IT professionals are hurrying to keep up, understand what’s relevant and implement needed solutions with the moving target […]

Ransomware and Social Engineering Still Top Threats According to Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

Ransomware and Social Engineering

Since back in 2008 Verizon has been putting out a report each year called the Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR).  In 2013 they first wrote about ransomware.  Social engineering was already happening and growing in popularity with bad actors.  The latest edition of DBIR shows that 9 years later Ransomware and Social Engineering are still […]

Retired FBI Agent Cybercrimes Division Talks Cyber Security

FBI Cyber Security

I recently attended an IT industry conference where the topics were understandably cyber security heavy.  One of the speakers that stuck out to me was Scott Augenbaum.  Scott is a retired FBI agent that worked in the cybercrimes division for the last 20 years and has recently retired.  A few things from his address stuck […]