IT Services in Ogden

IT Services in Ogden

i.t.NOW has been providing IT services in Ogden, Layton, and all of Davis County for over 20 years.  Helping businesses with anywhere from 10-150 employees do a better job of managing their IT.  Striving to eliminate some of the common problems business owners face by providing fast solutions to your technology problems.  We also strive to be a true partner with our clients.  Working with them to offer not just support, but also IT strategy.  We leverage the latest in IT automation technology on behalf of our clients.  This approach allows us to shorten IT response times, drive down IT costs, improve network stability, and plan for the future.

Why do businesses partner with us?

There are a lot of reasons companies decide to partner with i.t.NOW.  Most of our clients don’t have any full-time IT staff, but find themselves with plenty of IT work that needs done.  They need help managing the network, fixing problems as they arise, maintaining servers and managing network security and compliance.  i.t.NOW pitches in with an entire team of qualified engineers that provide fast response times, proactive maintenance, and network security help.  We do it all for an affordable flat rate monthly fee that works for small businesses.

“As a small business, I highly recommend i.t.NOW for IT management services.  We have used other vendors for our IT needs, and the service I have received from i.t.NOW far surpasses my previous experiences.”

“…i.t.NOW has provided the background analysis, implementation and maintenance of our current systems. They have been very responsive to our needs and even to our wants providing us the highest level of uptime.”

“As we started to grow, we were spending so much time making sure our computers were up and running that it was keeping us from focusing on the things we needed to focus on.  i.t.NOW just got it.  They understood how important IT support was for my company.”

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