Co-Managed IT Services

Our Co-Managed IT services are tailored to strategically augment existing IT departments.  It offers an enterprise suite of tools for remote network monitoring and management, as well as a hosted help-desk solution. i.t.NOW also offers strategic IT staffing augmentation, for those occasions when your deadlines demand it. 

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IT Staff Augmentation

IT departments are continually asked to do more with less.  Large projects, limited budgets, ridiculous deadlines, and pressure to get things done yesterday.  Depending on your workload staffing needs change quickly.  Do you hire more help just so you have the manpower to tackle a specific project?  If so, a large project could mean a big addition to your staff, and that’s tough on a tight budget.

i.t.NOW is here to help.  We offer a strategic partnership and on-demand IT staff augmentation.  This allows you to have the manpower and specialists you need for your upcoming project, but at a much lower price point.  We can also help free up your time by automating routine IT tasks.  

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A True IT Partnership

One of the challenges with Co-Managed IT services is communication and integration of teams.  You need your team to be able to work seamlessly with the provider you select to maximize your benefit.  i.t.NOW recognizes this.  We’ve found that a common IT tool set for support and documentation goes a long way to closing the communication gap, and lends to a more successful engagement.  Since we want every engagement to be successful, we provide advanced IT tool set so we can all be on the same page.

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We offer advanced solutions for remote monitoring and management that allow you to easily manage endpoints on or off the network, and receive critical alerts in real time.

We automate many routine IT tasks with our robust software solution.  This saves your staff time and allows them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Our enterprise desktop management solution gives you detailed reporting to help manage IT assets on the network.  Know where every piece of equipment is at all the time.

Another benefit of the i.t.ASSIST package is a fully hosted help desk solution.  This allows your staff to stay organized and increases response time through visibility and automated workflows.

Microsoft patches and updates can be time consuming.  i.t.ASSIST fully automates the process of applying them to save your staff time and money.

Why Choose Co-Managed
IT Services with i.t.NOW?

Many IT professionals don’t realize how many things you can automate.  Software deployments, patches and updates, backup management, log management, and much more.  Really almost anything that is repeatable can be automated in one form or another.  This can result in hundreds of hours saved each month, and consequently lower IT labor costs. 

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A True Technology Partner

We are successful when your business is successful. As true technology partners, we’re invested in your success. We deliver every solution like it was our business on the line, because it is.

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