IT Support for
Local Government

i.t.NOW has 20 years of experience offering IT Support for Local Government organizations in Utah.  We can help make sure your systems stay up and running.  That helps keep your citizens safe and happy.  Every city’s IT needs are different. Let us help you with your unique needs.

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Expert IT Support for
Local Government 

i.t.NOW has industry experience that allows us to better manage software solutions for city management such as Caselle, ARC GIS, network security solutions, city planning applications, and more.  These key solutions, along with the fastest response times in the industry, allow for unparalleled IT experience for local government.  

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Our Services

i.t.NOW offers exceptional IT support for local government that helps them focus on what matters most.

Fastest IT Response

Downtime on government systems isn’t an option. Quality IT support for local government can increase efficiency and allow you to ensure things are running well with no waste.  i.t.NOW will ensure that your network has the right amount of redundancy to minimize downtime, and that our team of skilled professionals is there when you need them.

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A True Technology Partner

We are successful when your business is successful. As true technology partners, we’re invested in your success. We deliver every solution like it was our business on the line, because it is.

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