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The weakest link in most IT security plans is frequently your employees.Security awareness training helps them recognize threats without falling for phishing scams. Without it, a misguided click can subvert a lot of the other security you’ve worked hard to put in place.

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Security Awareness
Training Defined

People make mistakes. It’s an unfortunate result of being human. That’s where the phrase “human error” comes from. The right training won’t guarantee perfection, but it lessens your risk significantly. Security awareness training programs take several different forms. Most commonly we see a baseline test for phishing administered and the results recorded. Users then run through a series of brief online video trainings that seek to educate them on how to spot and avoid threats. 

After the course has been completed another phishing test is sent. The goal is to help those that fell for it in the first place, our “clickers” to not be clickers any longer. If they still fail after the course, many businesses will require them to repeat it until things sink in. The goal of the course is to raise the cyber-IQ of users throughout the organization and aid them in detecting and avoiding potential phishing and other security threats.

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Do I Need Security Awareness Training?

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FBI data highlights that enterprises in aggregate are losing 51 times more money through BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks. In 2021, BEC attacks in the US caused total losses of $2.4 billion, a 39% increase from 2020. In contrast, at the same time, companies in the US lost only $49.2 million to ransomware.” – Varun Aggarwal CSO Online

You need security awareness training for your employees. Educating your users is key to better security for your organization. Security awareness training has been shown effective to reduce successful phishing attacks and add protection to your organization.

Is Security Awareness Training Required for Cybersecurity Insurance?

Recently most insurance carriers have added questions to their cyber security insurance applications about whether your organization is doing any security awareness training. If you answer no to that question, you may have to pay higher premiums for the same coverage.
Some insurance carriers may require you to have a security awareness training program in place, and deny your application for cyber security insurance coverage if you do not have it.
To mitigate risk to your business, i.t.NOW recommends a layered security approach that includes security awareness training as well as a cyber security insurance policy. This will help you to have adequate protection in case of an attack.

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If the idea of putting a security awareness training program in place for your organization sounds daunting, we can help. i.t.NOW has a team of experts ready to help make having the right security solutions a snap.

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