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Monster Monitors

Having two and three monitors on your desk has become the norm for a lot of businesses.  There have been studies that have shown multiple monitors significantly improve your productivity.  Many businesses have taken this as a queue to invest in more screens for their employees.  This has shaped the kind of monitors folks have […]

The Digital Receptionist

Digital Receptionist

One thing that we’ve seen some of our clients embracing more during the pandemic is the idea of the digital receptionist.  It’s been brought to the forefront lately because of the desire to limit contact during the pandemic.  However, there are several potential benefits. What is a digital receptionist? Many of you may have seen […]

The Chip Shortage – What It Means for Your Business

The Chip Shortage

There is a global shortage of computer chips right now.  It has been caused by a near perfect storm of circumstances for chip manufacturers worldwide.  Since those chips are in almost everything nowadays, from cell phones, to tablets, to laptops, and even appliances, it means you may have some significant delays on getting tech.  You […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Battery

How to get the most out of your battery

We’ve had some clients come to us with battery woes lately.  So, we did some research and have the scoop on how to get the most out of your battery.  The original inquiry was about a laptop battery, but the principles we learned can apply to most portable electronics.  Here are our tips on how […]

Firewall Basics

Firewall Basics One of the most important parts of a network security plan is a good business class firewall. However, it’s become apparent through conversations had over my career that most folks don’t know what a firewall is, or why it’s important. The goal today is to explain in simple terms the basics of what […]

Business Class Computer vs Consumer Grade

Business Class Computer vs Consumer Grade – What’s the difference? We know that there are lots of pretty pictures out there of very sexy consumer grade computers.  They’re great for home.  You’re welcome to buy one for yourself and use it for browsing the web and doing online shopping. When you’re looking for a reliable […]

How to Speed up Windows 10

How to Speed up Windows 10 Nothing is more annoying than  waiting for your computer to boot or load.  We all want our computers to perform so we can get stuff done.  Here are some tips you can use to make sure that Windows 10 is operating at the top of it’s game. Disable Programs […]

Is that old computer costing you money?

No Old Computers

Is that old computer costing you money? Is that old computer costing you money?  If you’re still clinging with white knuckled fingers to that 7-year-old desktop that you’ve been nursing along because you’re trying to save the business a few bucks….Stop it.  A study from Intel along with other industry research says you’re wasting money […]