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Business Case – A Salt Lake City Manufacturing Company

woman working on computer

Clark sat at his desk staring at his monitor, the frustration mounting. He felt tired. He loved his work, and he was damn good at it. This was simply too much. He had started work at a new company a few months prior. As an IT administrator he was excited to get his hands dirty […]

Bespoke IT Solutions

Bespoke IT Solutions

One size fits all solutions for IT really aren’t a thing.  Every business is different, and so are their needs for support, security, and ongoing maintenance.  The best solutions providers will ask a lot of questions and really seek to understand your business and your needs.  They seek to provide bespoke IT Solutions. A Consultative […]

What a Turn Off!

Turn Off

We did a site visit to a potential new client today to do a survey of their network and look at what we will be supporting.  Frankly, it was a hot mess.  The complexity that existed was SUPER high for a business with around 25 employees.  There was a TON of legacy systems that were […]

Preventing Server Sprawl

Server Sprawl

Preventing Server Sprawl I frequent consult with the owners of small and medium businesses on how to best support their networks.  There have been a couple of times recently where “server sprawl” has been particularly evident.  I thought it was worth taking a few minutes to cover and issue a potential warning to small business […]

Strategic Planning for IT in 2020

Strategic Planning for IT in 2020

Strategic Planning for IT in 2020 There are a lot of things to consider when running a business.  The end of the year brings a reconciliation of books, and frequently some resolutions for the year ahead.  I thought some quick info on what strategic planning for IT in 2020 should look like might be helpful.  […]