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How to Tell When Your IT Provider is Failing

How to tell when your IT Provider is Failing

Technology is critical to almost every business today.  Many small and medium businesses turn to an outsourced IT provider to help manage that technology.  Not all IT providers are created equal.  Here are our tips on how to tell when your IT provider is failing. Ask Your Employees Start by doing an informal survey with […]

What are IT Services? 12 Demonstrated Ways IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

IT Services - A Complete Guide

Gartner defines IT services like this:  “IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management, and optimization of or access to information and business processes.” Essentially, it’s the labor and expertise that makes technology run. For most SMBs it doesn’t make sense financially to hire full […]

Everything is NOT Fine

Everything is NOT Fine

This is something we hear a lot.  We get it.  When IT is running great nobody notices it.  When it’s a disaster is the number one priority.  What about that time in between?  Experience dictates that for most small businesses the network has very little maintenance done on it between disasters.  It’s in a state […]

6 Stages of IT Support Grief

6 Stages of IT Support Grief

As you progress from startup, to small business, to medium sized business you’ll likely experience some growing pains. Frequently those are related to technology. We call them the 6 stages of IT support grief. None of them except for the last are good for your business.  We’ll share our observations and what you can do […]

IT Cost Saving Tips

IT Cost Saving Tips

Many businesses are looking for opportunities to save on costs going into 2021.  IT is one place that many businesses can save money with better management.  Here are IT Cost Saving Tips. IT Cost Saving Tips – Audit Systems A great place to start is to understand what you currently have in place and what […]

One IT Guy Isn’t Enough

One IT Guy Isn’t Enough Redundancy is the name of the game in IT.  We make sure that servers have redundant drives, redundant power supplies, and that there is a failover plan in place.  We also frequently have redundant firewalls and internet connections.  Redundancy breeds reliability.  That’s why I’m baffled when a potential client says […]

9 Tips for Successful IT Transitions

9 Tips for Successful IT Transitions Making the transition from one IT solution to another can be problematic.  Whether you move from an hourly IT guy to managed services, or from in-house IT to outsourced, or even from outsourced IT to an in-house solution.  Each has similar challenges and obstacles.  Here are 9 tips for […]

Strategic Planning for IT in 2020

Strategic Planning for IT in 2020

Strategic Planning for IT in 2020 There are a lot of things to consider when running a business.  The end of the year brings a reconciliation of books, and frequently some resolutions for the year ahead.  I thought some quick info on what strategic planning for IT in 2020 should look like might be helpful.  […]

Ask Your Smartest Employee These 3 Tech Questions

Pop Quiz: Ask Your Smartest Employee These 3 Tech Questions Shortly after I started working in the IT industry about 10 years ago, I got introduced to a new term.  My boss talked about a potential client and labeled them an “accidental techie”.  This term has stuck with me over the years as we’ve grown […]

8 Questions to Ask Your IT Company

8 Questions to Ask Your IT Company Choosing a new IT provider can be an important decision for a business owner or C-level.  The problem is that frequently executives with little IT experience or knowledge are tasked with making this kind of decision.  They don’t know where to start, or what questions to ask.  This […]