Breaking the Cycle: Recurring IT Issues and Their Damaging Effects Your Business

IT issues can be a pain, causing lost productivity and annoyance. They become even more frustrating when the SAME issue happens repeatedly. If your current IT provider leaves you dealing with recurring issues, i.t.NOW can help with permanent fixes.

Top Ongoing IT Problems Companies Deal With:

  1. Network Downtime: Unplanned disruptions in network connectivity can bring business operations to a halt, leading to lost productivity and communication breakdowns.
  2. Security Breaches and Cyberattacks: Frequent attempts to breach cybersecurity defenses, including phishing attacks and malware infections, can compromise sensitive data and undermine business trust.
  3. Software Glitches and Compatibility Problems: Recurring software bugs, errors, and compatibility issues can cause application crashes, data corruption, and workflow interruptions.
  4. Data Loss and Backup Failures: Ongoing challenges with data backup and recovery processes can result in data loss during system failures, human errors, or cyber incidents.
  5. Slow System Performance: Persistent slow performance of computers, servers, and software applications can lead to employee frustration and reduced efficiency in completing tasks.

Identifying Recurring IT Issues

Sometimes, the same problem occurs to the same person within a short span of time, making it easy to identify. But what happens when the issue affects different people over a period of 6 months? It might not even be reported as a recurring problem if it doesn’t happen to the same user twice.

i.t.NOW can assist with this. Your account manager at i.t.NOW will meet with you regularly, and one of the things they will bring to these meetings is a ticket trend analysis. This analysis looks back on all the support issues logged with i.t.NOW over the last 6 months and tries to identify any trends. If we notice multiple tickets related to a single piece of equipment on your network, we will bring it to your attention. By replacing that equipment, we can eliminate all those issues going forward.

This type of reporting helps us catch and eliminate recurring issues, and it also enables us to implement a process of continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously eliminate problems and enhance your network’s performance.

Saving Time, Reducing Frustration

The ability to address recurring issues promptly helps us save you time and frustration. We also hope it gives your users a higher level of confidence in our service and improves their satisfaction. With i.t.NOW in your corner, you can rest assured that you’ll have the fast responses and excellent IT strategy needed for your business to succeed.