Data Backup and Recovery Solutions from i.t.NOW

In 2011, Bluffdale City was looking for a way to consolidate and upgrade its data backup and recovery needs. To do so, Bluffdale representatives searched for a company that provided a comprehensive and time-tested data backup and recovery solution.

Enter i.t.NOW.

i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including data backup and recovery, cloud computing, desktop virtualization and more.  The company’s i.t.BDR offering gives organizations the ability to effectively and frequently back up vital company data (as often as every 15 minutes) in secure off-site storage areas, and recover that data when needed.  Whether a company experiences an earthquake, fire or some other type of disaster, i.t.NOW can get it back up and running with little to no down time.

As fate would have it, Bluffdale’s city offices experienced an event that essentially destroyed their in-house data and computer systems: a lighting strike! Luckily, i.t.NOW was ready for the challenge.

First, with its frequent data backups and constant system monitoring, i.t.NOW immediately detected the power surge from the strike. The event destroyed Bluffdale City’s backup power supply and its servers wouldn’t restart. To fix this problem, i.t.NOW implemented an off-site server. And because i.t.NOW’s data backups run as often as every 15 minutes, it was able to restore Bluffdale City to its most recent backup.

In fact, i.t.NOW had the city back up and running in less than 30 minutes!

Second, i.t.NOW ran the city’s entire data center and computing needs for two days while a replacement power supply was ordered—all on i.t.BDR software from i.t.NOW.  Once the new power supply arrived, i.t.NOW transitioned Bluffdale back to its old network after hours.

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Case Study: IndustryPro

In 2008 IndustryPro, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, was looking for ways to streamline its business and cut overall operating costs. When the economy was hitting so many business, CEO Fred Zirkle was looking at ways he could trim back.  He decided that if he could get everyone to work from home, he could move out of their expensive professional space and significantly reduce overhead – no more rent, electric bills, etc.  With the rise of remote business solutions like cloud computing, the company saw an opportunity that needed to be exploited. But IndustryPro didn’t know how to best implement these cloud-based solutions.

Enter i.t.NOW.

i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including cloud computing, data backup and recovery, desktop virtualization, and more. The company’s i.t.CLOUD offering gives small businesses the ability to decrease in-house operating and hardware costs, and access vital company data on any device in a majority of locations.

To implement IndustryPro’s transition to a cloud-based company, i.t.NOW developed a custom plan of action.

First, IndustryPro needed to give its employees the ability to work from home on any device, to eliminate the need for expensive office real estate and maintenance costs. i.t.NOW migrated all of IndustryPro’s data to its secure, off-site data centers, and configured remote access for each of its employees. This allowed the company to shut down the physical office.  Server hosting fees were a lot less than his rent.

Second, IndustryPro was looking for a way to rapidly expand its business. i.t.NOW’s cloud computing solutions allowed the company to add additional employees in different states, and even overseas. With i.t.CLOUD, IndustryPro employees could access company files and e-mail from their homes or on the go, on any device. Fred and other employees are able to travel with more flexibility as they never have to be ‘in the office’ to work, and still has full functionality.

“We had employees working on PCs, iPads, Macs, and other various hardware and software systems. With i.t.NOW, our transition to a cloud-based company was seamless. Our data and connections were secure and we also saw a substantial increase in productivity without increasing our business I.T. costs.

i.t.NOW has helped our company grow from one expensive office to four virtual offices and one smaller brick-and-mortar location in Georgia. This has allowed us to expand our customer base and increase our bottom line.

The staff at i.t.NOW was very professional, and I would recommend i.t.NOW to any business looking to cut costs and expand its business.”

– Fred Zirikle, founder and CEO of IndustryPro

Virtualization Solutions from i.t.NOW

In 2011, C.H. Spencer & Co., a supplier of pumps and related equipment to mining, power, industrial and municipal markets, was looking for a way to cut business operating and hardware costs.  Company executives knew they wanted to scale back the number of servers and hardware needed to run the business, but they didn’t have the in-house expertise to handle the transition.

Enter i.t.NOW.

i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including virtualization, data backup and recovery, cloud computing and more.  The company’s virtualization solution gives small businesses the ability to decrease in-house operating and hardware costs, and reduce the number of needed servers and computers, and hardware and software upgrades.

For C.H. Spencer & Co., the staff at i.t.NOW developed a custom virtualization plan.

First, i.t.NOW decreased the number of in-house servers from four to one, with one server now running four virtual machines. This move saved C.H. Spencer & Co. an estimated $17,000 in hardware costs, upgrades, warranties and maintenance over the life of the machines, which typically last three to five years.

Second, because of the decreased power consumption, C.H. Spencer & Co. will see significant savings. On average, each server that C.H. Spencer & Co. used cost $300 per year in electricity, a total of $1,200 per year for all four servers.  With the new single, virtualized server from i.t.NOW, electrical costs will average less than $300.

Finally, i.t.NOW’s services gave C.H. Spencer & Co. technology that will scale with its growth. With virtualization, tasks like memory addition and data migration become more simple and cost-effective.

“Our transition to a virtualized office was pretty seamless. We compared three different I.T. companies, and ended up choosing i.t.NOW because it had the most comprehensive virtualization services.  We started the switch the Friday after Thanksgiving, and i.t.NOW had us back up and running by Monday.  They were there to help with any additional needs whenever we needed them.  They also helped upgrade two of our core software programs at the same time. We even installed i.t.NOW’s data backup and recovery system, i.t.BDR, and that’s helped us recover lost data at a moment’s notice,” said Randy Burgoyne, controller for C.H. Spencer & Co.


“We started looking at a variety of options for expanding our servers.  We wanted good, solid hardware.  We had three dell servers, and an 800 gig array of storage space.  When it came down to it, we wanted to compare prices.  We got bids from three places, and we felt that i.t.NOW had the best total solution.  They mirrored our entire server environment, and cut us back to one machine using VM Ware.  The implementation went very smoothly.  We also upgraded two of our core operating programs at the same time. It was a large undertaking, but i.t.NOW handled it well.


Implemented the Friday after Thanksgiving.  i.t.NOW had our server up before the transition, and we were up and running again on Monday, and were ready to handle any additional problems throughout the next few days.  They also expanded our storage, and we also installed an i.t.BDR unit that has been seamless as well.”


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