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The Hidden Costs of Downtime: Protecting Your Business from IT Disasters

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, downtime can wreak havoc on companies, leading to substantial financial losses and tarnished reputations. Business owners must recognize the profound impact of IT downtime on their operations and implement proactive measures to mitigate its effects. This article delves into the alarming statistics surrounding downtime and offers insights into its causes, […]

How Slow IT Support Response Times Can Affect Your Business

The Costs of Slow IT Support When IT problems affect your business operations, a quick response is crucial. Every minute of system unavailability translates to lost productivity and missed opportunities. Employees are unable to work efficiently, projects get delayed, and customer service suffers, leading to potential customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. According to studies, […]

What are IT Services? 12 Demonstrated Ways IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

IT Services - A Complete Guide

Gartner defines IT services like this:  “IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management, and optimization of or access to information and business processes.” Essentially, it’s the labor and expertise that makes technology run. For most SMBs, it doesn’t make sense financially to hire full-time […]

A Complete Guide to Co-Managed IT Support

Co-managed IT support has been gaining popularity with business owners and executives because it offers flexible, simple solutions to complex IT problems. It also allows them to maximize the efficiency of their IT team and save on labor costs. In this guide, we’ll take a deeper dive into what co-managed IT support is, potential use […]

How to Tell When Your IT Provider is Failing

How to tell when your IT Provider is Failing

Technology is critical to almost every business today.  Many small and medium businesses turn to an outsourced IT provider to help manage that technology.  Not all IT providers are created equal.  Here are our tips on how to tell when your IT provider is failing. Ask Your Employees Start by doing an informal survey with […]

What to Look for In an IT Helpdesk Solution

There are a lot of things to consider when you look for a helpdesk solution.  Depth, response times, structure, escalation paths, service level agreements, first call resolution, and more.  Here are a few keys to selecting an awesome IT helpdesk solution that will help you make the right choice. Depth One thing that you should […]

Everything is NOT Fine

Everything is NOT Fine

This is something we hear a lot.  We get it.  When IT is running great nobody notices it.  When it’s a disaster is the number one priority.  What about that time in between?  Experience dictates that for most small businesses the network has very little maintenance done on it between disasters.  It’s in a state […]

Business Case for Outsourcing IT Services

Business Case for Outsourcing IT Services

“TechAisle reports that as of 2015, at least 40% of small businesses in the US will have had made the switch to an external IT management service.” There are a lot of reasons why a company might want to outsource IT support.  We hope that this article can serve as a template for those looking […]

Transitioning IT Providers

No Wrong Time to do the Right Thing – Transitioning IT Providers Recently I was meeting with a potential client about transitioning IT providers and they expressed significant frustrations with their current vendor.  It was a long list of problems.  Luckily, I had a solution for them.  Hire i.t.NOW to do their IT and kick […]

Outsourcing – How and Why

Outsourcing – How and Why Outsourcing is pretty straight forward, you hire an outside company to handle certain business activities for you. But why would you ever do this? When does it makes sense? And how do you successfully do it? Many small and medium sized businesses use this strategy because it allows them to […]