How Slow IT Support Response Times Can Affect Your Business

The Costs of Slow IT Support

  • Downtime
  • Lost Productivity
  • Negative Impact on Employee Morale
  • Negative Impact on Reputation With Your Clients
  • Additional Costs for Emergency Fixes

When IT problems affect your business operations, a quick response is crucial. Every minute of system unavailability translates to lost productivity and missed opportunities. Employees are unable to work efficiently, projects get delayed, and customer service suffers, leading to potential customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. According to studies, network downtime can cost as much as $5,600/minute or more depending on the size of your business!

Your company might also incur extra expenses in emergency IT interventions, while the damaged reputation could impact long-term growth. In today’s digital-driven business landscape, reliable IT support is essential to prevent these costly disruptions.

How i.t.NOW is Different

The most effective service delivery organizations adopt a systematic approach to providing service, along with a system of checks and balances to ensure service quality.

  1. We Specialize in Rapid Response

At i.t.NOW, we have a group of technicians called rapid responders who handle all incoming requests and are the first to engage with the client. Their primary responsibility is to conduct basic triage and determine the nature of the client’s issue, as well as the best approach to resolve it.

The majority of issues can be resolved by these rapid responders. Typically, they are able to address around 80% of all issues within the first 30 minutes of the initial phone call. However, more complex issues or those requiring subject matter expertise are identified and escalated to the appropriate resource, such as our Tier II and Tier III technicians. Through this service delivery system, i.t.NOW can consistently provide high-quality support experiences to our clients across a wide range of industries.

2. We Stand By Our SLA’s (Service Level Agreement)

An SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is a set of guaranteed response times that an organization includes in its service contract. Essentially, it promises that the organization will respond to all issues and resolve them within a specified timeframe. Not all IT companies offer SLAs, but i.t.NOW takes pride in providing them. We are confident in our ability to guarantee our service due to the well-established system we have in place and the quality of our team.

As issues come in, they are categorized based on their impact and severity. The impact refers to the number of users affected, while severity relates to the level of degradation and the issues’ consequences. Those issues that affect the largest number of users and result in severe system outages are assigned the highest priority and are addressed first.

The Attention You Deserve

You deserve an IT provider that comprehends your business needs and can provide a timely response. i.t.NOW has all the necessary systems and personnel in place to deliver the fast, friendly support experience you desire. We are 100% US based and our highly trained staff will swiftly resolve your issues and get you back to what you do best. Give us a call today or click the link to learn more!