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HIPAA Compliance Basics for Healthcare Providers

HIPAA Compliance Basics

Whether you’re a medical practice, a dentist, or a mental health care provider, compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) data security guidelines is likely a requirement that you need to take seriously.  Leaked PHI (Personal Health Information) through a security breach or mismanagement of records can cause serious sanctions and hefty fines.  […]

10 Simple Steps towards HIPAA Compliance

10 Simple Steps Towards HIPAA Compliance Every project has to start somewhere right?  For most healthcare administrators the task of HIPAA compliance is daunting and time consuming.  The kind of project that is so intimidating that you put it off and keep putting it off.  Hopefully this handy info-graphic will give you a good jumping […]

HIPAA Compliance Checklist


Many of our customers in the medical space have the joy of being HIPAA compliant.  HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act.  For most medical offices HIPAA compliance can be a big challenge and frankly a pain.  i.t.NOW works to make compliance for medical professionals a snap. To that end, we’ve put […]