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i.t.NOW Use Cases

i.t.NOW Use Cases

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking to a lot of businesses that are looking for help.  One thing that struck us is that they all seemed to have different reasons for reaching out.  We can solve a lot of different business problems.  These have been interesting and fruitful discussions, and we’ve boiled them […]

The Easiest Way to Increase Office Productivity!

Multiple Monitors

Benefits of Multiple Monitors – a 35% productivity increase? There are several benefits of multiple monitors that can boost business productivity.  At least that what scientists from the University of Utah have shown with their studies on the subject.  A study at the U of U found that productivity among people working on editing tasks […]

Case Study: IndustryPro

In 2008 IndustryPro, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, was looking for ways to streamline its business and cut overall operating costs. When the economy was hitting so many business, CEO Fred Zirkle was looking at ways he could trim back.  He decided that if he could get everyone to work from home, he […]