Is SharePoint HIPAA Compliant?

Healthcare organizations are, like many others, in the middle of digital transformation. A new generation of tools and tech promise all sorts of real benefits, from increased efficiency to fewer errors to better data-driven decision-making. But getting from wherever you are right now in terms of your organization’s relationship with technology to wherever it is […]

How to Block a Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack

This week we got a call from a business owner that has had a persistent reoccurring IT issue.  It’s annoying and stops their work.  They’ve had 3 different IT providers try to solve it over the last year plus without success.  I hopped on a call with them and my engineer.  Within about 20 minutes […]

Lazy Passwords Are Putting Your Business at Risk

Passwords are a pain.  No one enjoys trying to remember login credentials for upwards of 100 unique sites and services. More to the point, no one can remember 100+ unique sets of credentials, which leads to all sorts of other awful security problems (don’t worry, we’ll discuss them in a minute).  Thankfully, new technologies are on the […]

Buyers Guide for Legal Billing Software

Buyers Guide for Legal Billing Software To attorneys, time is money.  This is literally the case for many attorneys as they bill hourly.  Sometimes the hassle of keeping track of billable hours and creating invoices for clients can be a time suck and hurt profitability.  Most firms use time and billing software to make it […]

Why Your Business Needs A Strategic Plan for Technology

Strategic Planning for Technology

Businesses need a strategic planning for technology. Having one enables you to make the best decisions about the technology you use and often leads to cost savings as well. If your current IT provider or solution doesn’t offer adequate technology planning services, you could be missing out. Current State Let’s start by taking stock of […]

What Fiber Internet Can Do for Your Business 

Fiber Internet

The title may have you thinking, “why are they so bullish on fiber internet?” The answer is simple: it’s already transforming the way many of our clients operate, and we want you to discover the same benefits for your business.  These are just a few of the ways that fiber internet will benefit your business.  […]

Why MFA is Important for Office 365

Cybersecurity can seem overwhelming at times. Your IT Provider handles this so why do you have to know so much about it? Our goal is to limit the impact any one cybersecurity layer has on our clients. However, in some situations it does require buy-in from our client base. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a perfect […]

Breaking the Cycle: Recurring IT Issues and Their Damaging Effects Your Business

IT issues can be a pain, causing lost productivity and annoyance. They become even more frustrating when the SAME issue happens repeatedly. If your current IT provider leaves you dealing with recurring issues, i.t.NOW can help with permanent fixes. Top Ongoing IT Problems Companies Deal With: Identifying Recurring IT Issues Sometimes, the same problem occurs […]

Moving to SharePoint: A User-Friendly Guide

Can your company move away from an on-premise server to a SharePoint environment? On-premise servers had their advantages in the past, but for most small businesses, everything and more can be done in a Microsoft 365 SharePoint environment. This guide will help you identify whether you are ready to take the leap. Applications: Computers: Internet […]