COVID-19 Highlights Security Challenges of Remote Workers

COVID-19 Highlights Security Challenges of Remote Workers With much of the world’s workforce trying out new solutions for working at home, bad actors are taking this opportunity to spread viruses of their own. Current Remote Solutions Lack the Capacity Many companies have not had solutions to work at home widely available, or their current solutions […]

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements One of the things that has come up recently in conversation with potential clients is service level agreements or SLAs.  Not everyone is familiar with that term, so I’ll give you a quick definition from Wikipedia. SLA Definition A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a client. […]

One IT Guy Isn’t Enough

One IT Guy Isn’t Enough Redundancy is the name of the game in IT.  We make sure that servers have redundant drives, redundant power supplies, and that there is a failover plan in place.  We also frequently have redundant firewalls and internet connections.  Redundancy breeds reliability.  That’s why I’m baffled when a potential client says […]

Windows 7 End of Life FAQ

Windows 7 End of Life FAQ

Windows 7 End of Life FAQ As many may already know Windows 7 died recently.  It happened on January 14th.  There was a brief teary-eyed service with much lamenting.  Now it’s time to move on.  Windows 7 is survived by its loving progeny Windows 10.  There are a bunch of questions around and end of […]

Most Common Forms of Ransomware

Most Common Forms of Ransomware Some recent analysis done by the folks at Emisoft this last year gives us additional data about the current evolving state of ransomware threats.  They looked at 230,000 submissions between April and September of 2019 and gathered data on the different strains of ransomware.  The results help us to see […]

Compliance in the Cloud

Compliance in the Cloud There are a lot of amazing things about moving your business to the cloud.  You can scale rapidly.  You generally have additional redundancy, and a higher level of security than you would enjoy with your servers hosted locally.  You can reduce your Capex costs.  Best of all you can access your […]